Letters to the Editor

HR3893 anathema to environmental health

Dear Editor:

The passing of HR3893 (Gasoline for America’s Security Act of 2005) on Oct. 7 makes the need for new leadership clearer than ever. Instead of drafting legislation that could actually be used to solve the problem of our nation’s dependency on a rapidly diminishing energy source, 212 Republican members of the House of Representatives managed to narrowly pass a bill that was opposed not only by environmental organizations, but even 13 members of their own party, among numerous other organizations. Using Hurricanes Katrina and Rita as excuses, the bill’s supporters claim that the need for more refineries gives them the right to override state and environmental standards, while giving breaks to oil companies. The bill does nothing to decrease oil prices, only hindering the ability of officials to ensure clean air by loosening the restrictions of the Clean Air Act. No Democrats voted for this bill, which seeks only to further damage the ecosystem instead of attempting to find a solution to our current over-reliance on oil. It’s repulsive that while the GOP leaders grow rich from the profits from their giveaways to oil company buddies, the environment and people are left to suffer.

— Jessica Wall

John Muir College freshman