A.S. Council at a Glance

Meeting #5 – June 1

Public Input

Many students from the Academic Success Program spoke regarding the A.S. Council’s suggestion to reduce the amount of money allocated to A.S.P. Speakers reminded A.S. councilmembers of the referendum passed in 2001 to fund $1 per student per quarter and requested that the program be funded the full amount. Despite the approval of the referendum, there was not sufficient voter turnout to lock in the amount of money allowing councilmembers to decide the allocation amount.

Items of Immediate Consideration

Item K

The council passed by consensus an allocation of $333 from Student Conference Travel and $55 from General Unallocated to the College Republicans for their summer conference. The council was able to pass the legislation due to recent bylaw changes allowing funding of summer competitions and conferences.

Item L

The A.S. Council suspended Finance bylaw Article 8, Section E in order to fund the Black Student Union and the Vietnamese Student Association’s events during Welcome Week. The funding was previously excluded due to the timing of the events falling between academic years, but the suspension passed in an 18-0-2 vote.

Old Business

Item N

The council passed a resolution urging UCSD professors to support student services by using the Soft Reserves enterprise for course readers and requested the assistance of the Academic Senate to encourage professors to do the same. Soft Reserves Task Force member Christine Ta reported that the task force concluded certain aspects of A.S. Soft Reserves and Lecture Notes should be combined in the future.