Registrar to blame for voting complications

Instead of blaming increased student interest in electoral politics, it’s time for San Diego Registrar Sally McPherson to hold herself accountable to taxpayers for failing to perform her duties on Election Day.

McPherson has gone as far as to blame A.S. leaders for carrying out a “last-minute” voter registration drive for the delays and poor organization that caused many students to cool their heels on Nov. 2 as they waited to vote.

The timing of the A.S. registration push and the excessive use of provisional ballots by students voting in wrong precincts were the causes of campus voting complications, according to McPherson.

However, McPherson must accept the responsibility for her office, which fell far short in the processing of new voter registration forms, instead of criticizing student organizers; they should be commended for attempting to increase voter turnout among the most politically apathetic voting bloc.

Since all of the newly registered students met the state deadline, they were entitled to participate in the presidential election. That their ability to do so was hampered because the registrar had not planned on such an enthusiastic turnout surely is not the fault of students or their elected campus government.

Had McPherson provided election packets in a timely manner — many students didn’t receive their sample ballots at all — and actually sent students the location of their polling sites, as she is required to do by law, much of the chaos could have been averted.