Letter to the editor


I am appalled that the Guardian failed to cover the events concerning abortion that took place on campus May 14 and 15. When an event causes so much controversy that administrators’ offices are flooded with complaints, I would think that the Guardian would feel a responsibility to bring awareness to the events taking place.

Students not only voiced their disgust of the Justice For All anti-choice display through formal complaints, they protested, wore pro-choice t-shirts and signed pro-choice petitions.

The Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance at UCSD was able to collect over 800 signatures urging our senators to filibuster any Supreme Court nominee that is anti-choice.

FMLA recognizes the right to free speech and supports any registered student organization’s desire to exercise it. However, we also believe that UCSD students have the right to access their education without being forcibly exposed to falsified and obscene images.

A woman’s fundamental right to choose is inextricably linked to achieving gender equality.

By using such exaggerated graphic displays in an attempt to provoke an intense negative reaction to the idea of abortion, Justice For All does a grave disservice to women facing unplanned pregnancies. Behind every choice is a story and because we cannot know all of them, we must leave a woman the room to make the best decision for her own circumstances.

If anyone would like to participate or get more information on our pro-choice campaigns, please e-mail us at [email protected] or visit our Web site http://stuorg.-ucsd.edu/~ucsdfmla.

— Corinne Hart

President, Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance at UCSD

VentureForth article contained errors


My name is David Boadita and I am VentureForth’s vice president in charge of the Business Plan Competition that was written by Vincent Hsia in the June 2 issue of the Guardian. I write to correct several factual errors in Hsia’s article.

VentureForth is a student entrepreneurial organization founded in Fall 2001 by two UCSD students. The Business Plan Competition is intended for UCSD students, but it should be noted that it was produced by VentureForth and not the university.

Furthermore, Mike Hird is an attorney with Pillsbury Winthrop, LLC and, though he has worked with VentureForth on several occasions in the past, it is erroneous to write that he is a member of the organization as only students can be members.

Finally, it is wrong to write that VentureForth, “”holds a similar business plan competition catering to San Diego.”” As stated above, VentureForth actually produced the May 31 event.

VentureForth appreciates the Guardian’s coverage of the competition that took place on Wednesday, May 31. Thank you.

–David Boadita

VentureForth vice president