The joys of Taste of Uptown/Hillcrest

It is almost inevitable; you are trying to decide where to eat and end up frozen either by your unfamiliarity with the restaurants or the simple lack of knowledge of what there is to eat. What if you’re in the mood for pizza or Thai? Where can you go? If only there were some way to sample several of the restaurants in an area in a convenient and inexpensive manor. To your rescue is the Taste of Uptown/Hillcrest, which offers over 30 different restaurants, specialty coffee shops and this year, a beer garden sponsored by Green Flash Brewery.

Tyler Huff

Of the many restaurants, there are several well known eateries, such as Corvette Diner, Bronx Pizza, Whole Foods, Chipotle, La Salsa, Pizza Nova, Ben & Jerrys, Cold Stone Creamery, Baja Fresh and Jamba Juice, but these are just a teaser.

The registration area is next to the beer garden, where you can sample two delights of hops and fermentation: the rich ruby red and the crisp extra pale ale.

This self guided walking tour of Hillcrest’s restaurants begins with the exquisite Hash House A Go-Go, known for their fabulous breakfasts. The Hash House serves as a fitting start for such a delicious romp through Uptown.

Among the many other tastes to sample are diverse selections of fare ranging from the simple to the artistic, and from thehearty to the delicate. Hamburger Mary’s is known for their lively atmosphere, delectable traditional burgers and drinks. Kemo Sabe features fiery and exciting modern food, which matches taste with presentation for a unique and amazing dinning experience. For authentic Indian, find your way to the Bombay Exotic, which has a fine smattering of curries, nan and many other Indian dishes. For Thai, there is the triple threat of Taste of Thai, Celadon Royalty Thai and Lotus Thai Cuisine, and a three-peat of Ono Sushi, Sushi Itto and Nami Sushi. If you feel like moving on to something more of the dessert persuasion, there is Finest Donuts and Bakery to satiate your sweet tooth.

There is, in short, too much food to be written about adequately; rather then continue to torture my own taste buds, let us say that you had better bring your appetite and your curiosity to Hillcrest.

Parking is located on 5th Avenue and Pennsylvania Avenue; from there you can take the free shuttle to different locations throughout the Hillcrest neighborhood. For more information and tickets call (619) 233-5008, or you can purchase directly from several of the participating restaurants. Prices are $18 in advance and $20 the day of, but remember, sales are limited. The event takes place April 12 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Don’t miss this opportunity to eat to your stomach’s content.