A.S. Council at a Glance

    Items of Immediate Consideration

    Item A

    Passed by consensus

    The A.S. Council unanimously approved the appointment of Joshua Ramirez to the position of academic assistant, effective Feb. 20 through May 2.

    Item D

    Failed 6-12-1

    The A.S. Council rejected the IOIC submittal of an amendment to ASUCSD election bylaws by a vote of 6-12-1. The amendment would have eliminated election campaign spending limits for A.S. candidates and slates. The amendment was originally itemized in old business, but had been withdrawn by Vice President Internal and Internal Committee Chair Kevin Hsu because it violated council bylaws that prohibited resubmission of previously failed legislation, given no significant change in time or circumstance. The A.S Council had failed an identical proposal on Jan. 29.


    A.S. Council President Jenn Brown

    Brown reported that California Representatives Susan Davis and Bob Filner announced at the A.S. National Affairs Lobby Committee “”Connect”” forum on Feb. 19 that they would work against the proposed Classification of Race, Ethnicity and National Origin initiative slated to appear on the March 2004 ballot.

    Brown also announced that she met with Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Joseph W. Watson, Director of Psychological and Counseling Services Reina Juarez and Director of Student Development Brian J. Murray to discuss student depression and the establishment of a campus Wellness Center. Brown reported that “”there are no good models for this on other campuses, leaving UCSD in a position to spearhead significant national changes to the rise of depression on college campuses.””

    Commissioner of Academic Affairs Ernesto Martinez

    Martinez announced that he is looking to recruit people to fill the Academic Senate.

    Commissioner of Athletics Robin Shelton

    Shelton reported that Triton Tide will be coming through Eleanor Roosevelt College on Feb. 21.

    John Muir College Sophomore Senator Jeremy Cogan

    Cogan announced that the Muir College Council would like to create a Parking Strike Force to take “”decisive action”” on student parking issues. Cogan reported that the strike force might organize a group protest of some sort in the future.

    Eleanor Roosevelt College Freshman Senator Max Harrington

    Harrington announced that the Voting Systems Task Force will hold its mock election on Feb. 21 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Library Walk. Election “”candidates”” will be specific ice cream flavors. The task force will ask students to vote using the instant runoff voting, the Condorcet method, approval voting and plurality voting to “”get feedback from students on the proposed systems, and to demonstrate how election results might differ using the three systems.””

    Revelle College Senior Senator Amy Uyeshima

    Uyeshima reported that she is working on coordinating the March 4 “”No on CRENO”” rally at UCSD.

    Senate Chair Corinne Hart

    Hart encouraged A.S. council members to urge students from their respective colleges to get involved with the Parking Strike Force introduced by the MCC.

    Vice President Internal Kevin Hsu

    Hsu did not attend the meeting due to illness, but reported in the agenda that “”UCSD has about 60 ‘H.E.A.R. Students! Access Now!’ postcards supporting [the] student-friendly reauthorization of the Higher Education Act.””

    Old Business

    Item J

    Passed by consensus

    The A.S. Council unanimously approved the allocation of $350 for the “”No on CRENO”” rally on March 4.

    — Compiled by Clayton Worfolk

    Senior Staff Writer

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