A.S. Council at a Glance

    Public Input

    Halle Beitollahi, commissioner of Academic Affairs, announced her resignation, citing personal reasons.

    Items of Immediate Consideration

    Approval of Media Allocations for Winter 2003

    The A.S. Council unanimously approved printing, mail, photo, office, phone, operating and miscellaneous funding allocations for 13 campus publications.


    A.S. President Jenn Brown

    Brown announced that, as a result of Beitollahi’s resignation, the position of commissioner of Academic Affairs is now open for application.

    Brown also reported that she was pleased with the turnout and media coverage of a Dec. 16, 2002, student meeting in the Price Center protesting a hike in UC tuition effective spring quarter.

    VP Internal Stephen Klass

    Klass informed the Council that Gov. Gray Davis will be presenting a new budget which may address raising UC tuition fees further.

    Commissioner of Athletics Robin Shelton

    Shelton also reported that the Triton Tide Campus Invasion Tour will come to John Muir College on Jan. 10, Thurgood Marshall College on Jan. 17, Revelle College on Jan. 31, Earl Warren College on Feb. 7, Sixth College and Eleanor Roosevelt College on Feb. 21. There will be an all-campus event on March 1.

    Shelton also noted that attendance at Triton Tide games this year is up from last year.

    Commissioner of Programming Gabe Grossman

    Grossman reported that winter quarter will most likely be less eventful than fall quarter in terms of A.S. programming events due to lack of funding.

    Sixth College Chair Chris Sweeten

    Sweeten announced that the Sixth College Council will be approving the Sixth College constitution on Jan. 28.

    University Centers Advisory Board Chair James Lynch

    Lynch announced that UCAB will be remodeling the Price Center game room this summer. Several pool tables and the ping pong table will be removed to make room for dining facilities.

    Old Business

    Item A

    Passed by consensus

    The A.S. Council unanimously approved the appointment of Margaret O’Neill to Director of Public Relations.

    Item U

    Passed 14-1-4

    The A.S. Council approved the creation of an ad hoc task force on voting systems by a vote of 14-1 with four members of the Council abstaining.

    There was a motion to pull the item to committee after an objection by Robin Shelton, but the resultant vote failed to exceed the 3/5 majority required. Shelton objected to the fact that the task force’s recommendations would not take effect until week five of spring 2003.

    The Task Force is intended to “”research and evaluate the benefits and detriments of various types of college and university voting systems that could be implemented at UCSD in order to improve the electoral process.””

    The committee is to submit a report to the council no later than week 7 of winter quarter 2003.

    Item X

    Passed by consensus

    The A.S. Council approved the creation of an A.S. Constitution and Bylaw Revisions Committee designed to “”evaluate the current structure of the A.S. Constitution and Bylaws. . . and determine what changes are necessary and beneficial to the Council.””

    The voting bloc of the committee will be composed of five to seven members of senate and two to four members of the cabinet. The committee is to have a written report submitted to the A.S. Council by week 7 of winter quarter.

    — Compiled by Clayton Worfolk

    Senior Staff Writer

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