State Budget remains unpassed after deadline

A month after Gov. Gray Davis submitted his May revision of the 2002-03 fiscal year budget to the state legislature, the budget remains unpassed and unimplemented because it is pending passage in the assembly.

The stalemate has been occurring for weeks, according to Margaret F. Pryatel, assistant vice chancellor of resource management at UCSD.

“”Right now, the struggle is about politics,”” Pryatel said. “”The conflict is partisan, between the Republicans and Democrats, and lies in a difference in opinion about taxes.””

The budget has already undergone modifications in the senate, where it was already passed. While the May revision called for cuts of over $162 million of the University of California’s funding, over $20 million was restored by the senate’s revision.

An allocation of $2.5 million has been made to fund the UC systems new dual admissions process. Additionally, The Preuss School, UCSD’s charter school, has been granted an additional $400,000 from the May revision. Other funding increases include $8.4 million to the College Preparatory Initiative and $1 million to student initiated outreach.

Nonetheless, $23 million remains cut from UCSD’s research budget. Pryatel says that she is still prepared for the worse.

“”We are ready for anything,”” she said. “”In the past, we’ve seen revisions at this stage in the game, and budgets have gone into August without being passed.””

The California State constitution states that the budget should have been passed by June 30.