Ten questions

What do you think of Tijuana?

It’s a fun place. I think it would be more fun to go clubbing in downtown San Diego, but [the clubs] aren’t, like, for people who are 18.

What is your favorite weekend place?

During the daytime I love going to the mall, and then during the nighttime, I like going downtown. It’s fun going downtown and hanging out with friends.

Where do you like to study on campus?

I like to study in the lounge because there’s tons of people and you don’t really get much done, which is nice.

What do you think of UCSD’s housing?

I think everyone who wants should get on-campus housing, and living on campus is part of the college experience.

Which language do you want to learn fluently?

I don’t know. I can speak Marathi fluently.

Name one nonacademic goal you would like to meet this quarter.

All my goals are nonacademic. It’s really sad. I guess I want to decide if I’m going to stay at UCSD or not.

How do you feel the RSOs treat students?

At UCSD people are actually good, but [the RSOs] don’t have anyone to harass or anything, so they take it out on us … when we are really good, studious people.

What is your ideal occupation?

I guess it would be … does traveling count? I’d love to travel to random places.

If you could choose to live in any era, which would it be?

I always thought it would be really fun to … just, like, be an American Indian and see how they lived and stuff, before the colonies came.

Which superhero would you want to be?

Mother Teresa, because then I’d like to know how to love people the way she did.