WHEREAS over the past few months, the UCSD campus has been inundated by the passage of many gravely worded resolutions;

WHEREAS such resolutions, such as the much-contested “”Resolution Supporting our National Institutions”” passed by the A.S. Council on Nov. 28 and the many resolutions passed by college councils regarding the controversy over The Koala, have no executive power or binding influence over the activities of those bodies or the quality of student life here at UCSD;

WHEREAS those aforementioned bodies exist in order not only to represent student opinion but also actively work to address student concerns and needs;

WHEREAS the needs of the students at UCSD are, as always, demanding of full and forceful attention;

WHEREAS one such issue of concern should be the continued unwillingness of the administration to address students’ needs for parking, since new structures filled with half-empty faculty floors and ever-overflowing student floors are continually being built;

WHEREAS in the absence of additional parking on campus, students could benefit from expanded shuttle services as have been proposed but not enacted by such bodies as the A.S. Council;

WHEREAS the A.S. Council is intended to represent the will of the students, and the will of the students is consistently insufficiently valued by the administration (as was the case with the recent change to passing period length), and more vocal opposition on the part of the A.S. Council could result in students’ needs being better served;

WHEREAS college councils must now devote time and effort to ensuring quality commencement ceremonies for their students as the administration has discontinued all-campus commencement, heightening the importance of the ceremonies of individual colleges;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Guardian decries the wasted time spent on such resolutions when much more pressing issues demand the attention of bodies representative of UCSD’s students;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that we support, should the bodies offer that they have nothing better to do than heatedly debate and then eventually pass useless resolutions, proactive efforts to improve the quality and character of student life at UCSD;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that any more attempts by students or organizations to propose and pass such pointless resolutions instead of advocating action on an issue of concern will be met with unbridled scorn and ridicule from this body;

AND BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that we distribute this document to the students, faculty and staff of UCSD, and to the community at large.