Sneak Preview: Radiohead

It took Radiohead three years to finally release last fall’s “”Kid A.”” Now, less than a year later, the band is poised to release its next amazing album, “”Amnesiac.”” They promised more radio-friendly tunes, and here they are.

A sneak preview for “”Amnesiac”” was presented by SRTV and Capitol Records last Sunday. Here is a quick track by track preview:

1. “”Packt Like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box””

This is “”pop”” for Radiohead — a catchy breakbeat and a series of electronic noises. And is that someone hitting a can of water in the background?

2. “”Pyramid Song””

This song was introduced during Radiohead’s European tour last year. A soft piano opens the song with a bit of an “”Exit Music”” vibe to it. The drums kick in with a meandering jazz beat.

3. “”Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors””

Hard distorted drum samples, distorted vocals from Thom Yorke, and yet somehow they make it all work. This one could definitely have made it onto “”Kid A.””

4. “”You and Whose Army?””

Guitars are finally featured on this song along with the mournful sound of Yorke’s voice, but the song builds into a wash of drums and piano. Even though it’s just over three minutes long, it could be one of the best tracks off the album.

5. “”I Might Be Wrong””

This could be dance music for Radiohead, featuring electronic drum beats under a bluesy guitar riff, and of course, Yorke’s floating vocals.

6. “”Knives Out””

Did you like Radiohead’s first album, “”Pablo Honey””? This song could fit on that one, but it’s definitely more polished than anything off “”Pablo Honey.”” This is the closest you’ll get to old Radiohead.

7. “”Amnesiac/Morning Bell””

This is basically “”Morning Bell”” from their last album, but without the drums. The result is a haunting lullaby — and you can actually hear what Yorke is saying.

8. “”Dollars & Cents””

The strings are definitely from the “”Kid A”” sessions and that wonderful jazz beat on the drums is back.

9. “”Hunting Bears””

There is a slightly delayed and distorted guitar riff that plods throughout the song. The keyboard slowly holds out notes … a good bear hunting song.

10. “”Like Spinning Plates””

Listen carefully: those are turntables at the beginning. The rest of the song is a wave of electronic soundscapes and virtually unrecognizable vocals from Yorke. The strings push it to almost a soundtrack-like quality before the song slowly fades out.

11. “”Life In A Glass House””

The jazz themes floating about the entire album come into full play here. Yorke is not a jazz singer, but once again, Radiohead makes the song work. There is a New Orleans-style jazz band that makes up the entire song with clarinets, pianos and horns building up to cacophony of beautiful noise by the end.

“”Amnesiac”” is slated to be released June 5. Accompanying the album will be a 24-page booklet, 32 pages in the special-edition release. The songs from “”Amnesiac”” were spawned from the “”Kid A”” sessions.

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