Club Fais Do Do Delivers

In light of the usual images of young promiscuous teenyboppers, it seems as if there is a shortage of good or at least halfway decent underage clubs in Southern California.

Even though The Epicenter in Mira Mesa deserves an honorable mention with its devotion to youth in the punk and ska scene, there are few options in our measly backyard. Otherwise, most people are heading to Los Angeles.

Los Angeles has a variety of big underage clubs, although its two most popular clubs, The Playground and The Arena, are little more than TJ-style sex-on-a-dance-floor. The real problem is finding something a little more mature and a little closer to the atmosphere of the finer 21-and-over venues.

If this is what you’re looking for, then you have to check out club Fais Do Do.

Since its opening last year, Fais Do Do has quickly become one of the best 18-and-over clubs around. With a variety of live bands and DJs, the music ranges from Latin Salsa to alternative rock.

While the music varies, the atmosphere stays a steady cool. The crowd is at ease and free to mingle with the laid-back musicians. In a creative and artistic environment, there is a lot of space to dance, watch and mingle with the many quirky personalities.

Among the latest trends is Rodney Bingenheimer from the world famous KROQ hosting “”Rodney’s English Disco.”” The disco, which is meant to “”get people out to dance to different kinds of music,”” certainly does just that.

The event, which is held on the fourth Friday of every month, allows the in-the-know youth to come and rub elbows with Bingenheimer. Members of “”Blondie”” and “”Hole”” have been known to make appearances and roam among the crowd.

Observing the outfits, personalities, and the likes of Bingenheimer hitting on 18-year-old girls can bring plenty of amusement.

So whether you want to dance the night away, listen to some interesting music or just have an exciting place to party, the drive is well worth it. Check out club Fais Do Do at 5257 W. Adams Blvd. in L.A., and come out for a little glitter rock at the next English Disco on March 23. For more information call (323) 954-8080.