Spring Means a New Starts

In the San Diego sports community, there is a new, unfamiliar feeling. It is one of optimism. Almost everywhere you turn in the city, there is positive talk and hope for a bright future.

Take, for instance, the Padres. It is currently the time of spring training in baseball land. Hell, the definition of baseball’s spring training is hope. At this point, every team has a chance of winning the World Series. From the high rollers to those who pay their players peanuts, from teams with three Cy Young Award winners to those with a lot of nobodys, from the New York Yankees to the Minnesota Twins, every team can dream of wining it all. Everyone has the same record, 0-0.

This includes the Padres. The Friars are as upbeat as anyone. They have promising young pitchers and solid vets taking the mound. In the field, the likes of Ryan Klesko and Phil Nevin would make any fan excited, and to top it all off, Mr. Padre himself, Tony Gwynn, is roaming right field once again. Will the Padres be crowned World Series champs come October? It’s doubtful, but right now still possible.

San Diego’s other sports franchise is also benefiting from a bout of optimism and is actually looking like a sports team. The Chargers, it appears, are moving toward being a team that could earn a playoff berth. The team has strengthened an already tough defense, and it has remedied the quarterback problem with the signing of Doug Flutie. Plus, the team has the No. 1 pick in this spring’s draft. John Butler was hired as general manager, and Norv Tuner was brought in as offensive coordinator. The team has made itself competitive once again.

Sure, it’s hard to be positive after last year, but there is nowhere to go but up. It makes you wish the football season would start now (the XFL doesn’t count).

This sense of optimism extends to campus. Sure, it is not as great as it was during the fall, when the women’s soccer team was prowling RIMAC field en route to another title. But right now, with winter quarter winding down, things are looking up.

Spring rings eternal here, too. There are about 10 Triton sports taking place right now. If you want softball action, check out UCSD’s team. They boast a 10-6 record. Both the men’s and women’s tennis teams look like they’ll have good years. The swim team is ready for its final meets, with the real possibility of some titles coming our way. Hungry Moses is most definitely excited right now about UCSD sports.

See, sports are blooming in our neck of the woods. No Padres in the cellar. No Chargers losing almost every game. It’s just UCSD sports with nonstop action all the way.

So, even if your tea has gone cold and you wonder why you got up at all, San Diego sports will remind you that it’s not so bad, it’s not so bad at all.