Breakdown to Heartbreaks at Porters Pub

The UCSD DJs and Vinylphiles Club will launch its first event of the quarter at Porter’s Pub, and with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it is aptly titled “”Heartbreaks.”” With the event being exclusive to and free for UCSD students, there is hope that there will be a strong student support for the show.

Event coordinator Robin Duong hopes to see a lot of people attend the show, which will showcase new members of the DVC as well as the talents of the more experienced members. Duong is excited about the event because it will give the new members a chance to play on a large system in front of a large crowd.

Heartbreaks will feature two areas of music, themed “”Heaven”” and “”Hell.”” The Heaven area will be located inside the Pub and appropriately decorated with angels, stars, clouds and other Heaven-esque themes. Hell, of course, brings out the darker side with devils, fire and brimstone.

The contrasting themes in the areas also separate the styles of music. Heaven is focused more on house, breaks and NU-NRG, while Hell has an obviously darker mood with jungle and hardcore DJs.

Capacity is limited to 500 and early arrival is suggested. The event is free for UCSD students and there is no need to obtain tickets before the event — just show up with your student ID. This is most likely the DVC’s only event this quarter.

AREA 1: HEAVEN (House, breaks and NU-NRG)

Wonderboy, Ladykilla, tommyboy, DJ Evil B, Kurt Hectic, Adam Mercury, Spartan, DJ Sam and L4.

AREA 2: HELL (Jungle and hardcore)

Crime Lab (Tag Team: Crazy and Otterpop), Degenerate, DJ Elated, DJ XL, Flip! and AlterEgo.