A.S. Festivals Release Winterfest Duds

In the weeks before any major event, the festivals coordinators of the A.S. Council are hard at work trying to book popular acts to come to UCSD. But sometimes the bands who are being courted can’t come here for one reason or another. Next week we’ll have the official list of who is coming to Winterfest. As for this week, we’ll see the bands who snubbed UCSD:

Greg Gorman
Paisley Park

ATB — DJ Andre Tanneberger produced the massive club hit “”9 P.M. (Till I Come),”” which pounded through clubs from TJ to Europe. However, ATB suddenly changed his U.S. tour plans from February to March and may not even come to San Diego at all.

EVE 6 — Popular alt-rock band caught the ears of the public with lyrics talking about putting a heart into a blender. They will be playing in San Diego the week before Winterfest. By the time Winterfest comes around, Eve 6 will be somewhere in the Midwest.

EVERLAST — After spending some time with House of Pain, he went solo and even scored a duo with Santana. But he’ll be in Texas during Winterfest and he can’t change his plans.

GEORGE CLINTON — Yes, we could’ve gotten the funk master himself but he’s performing in San Diego just a few days before Winterfest and he can’t stick around for the weekend.

INCUBUS — This funk-metal band from Calabasas wanted a lot of money. Money that we don’t have for Incubus.

SHAGGY — Winterfest or David Letterman? Shaggy went with Letterman. Forget him. Next!

Winterfest will be on Friday, Feb. 23. UCSD students get in free with a can of food and there will be a limited amount of guest tickets available.