MTV production, ""Save the Last Dance,"" overcomes low expectations

We all enter movie theaters with preconceived notions. I waited to see “”Save The Last Dance.”” The movie got mixed reviews. Some said it was good while others told me not to waste my time.

Naturally, I decided to take the risk. Without high expectations, I sat down and got comfortable as the lights dimmed. Once the movie was over, the lights brightened again and I was thoroughly pleased with the time I spent in my ruby-red theater chair.

“”Save The Last Dance”” is a story of fulfilling dreams, conquering fears, falling a little into love and, of course, dancing. The plot is interesting, attention grabbing and led by vivacious characters who can, incidentally, all dance extremely well. Whatever abilities they lack as actors — and at times the acting talent does fall short — are made up for on the dance floor. Of course, some scenes were cheesy and some of the story was unrealistic, but for an MTV production, I was impressed.

All the little subplots involving one character with another make for a well-choreographed story that was as entertaining as the dance routines. What I loved is that despite the obvious conflicts and serious obstacles the characters have to face, the plot revolves around the dance. The predictable but satisfying ending encourages you to confidently accomplish any goal, or at least to catch the next bus heading for TJ for some clubbing.

Considering that “”Save The Last Dance”” is, for the most part, a love story, I would recommend this movie for a light-hearted night out with the girls. For all the Romeos out there, it is a worthy first-date movie. Don’t expect magic to bounce from the screen and pluck at your emotional chords, but do expect an interesting story and lots of entertaining dance moves.