UCSD Chancellor Robert C. Dynes will host a ceremony and reception 4 p.m. Thursday at the Carlsbad Community Library to draw attention to community service programs sponsored by UCSD in the North County.

UCSD currently offers a number of services to residents of the North County including Casa de la Clase Magica in Solana Beach, which helps children from the Mexican community prepare to succeed in school, and the Partnership of Immunization Provides, which helps facilitate the immunization of preschool children.

Other speakers at the event will include University Art Gallery director Kathleen Stoughton, UCSD alumnus Steve Hart and UCSD Regents Scholar Josh Steele.

The visit to Carlsbad is one of five ceremonies Dynes will preside over as part of UCSD’s 40th anniversary celebration. The celebration entails 40 gifts to the community. A directory of UCSD’s community service programs can be obtained by calling (858) 534-UCSD.

Two New Safety Programs Implemented for University Employees

The office of the chancellor announced Monday that it would implement the new Injury and Illness Prevention Program and the Laboratory Safety Plan, in addition to other programs, as part of an effort to make the university a safe place to work.

The Injury and Illness Prevention Program will now be instituted in all departments of the university and will require workplace inspections, hazard abatement, employee safety training and efficient safety communication.

The Laboratory Safety Plan will be instituted in all campus laboratories and will require emergency action plans and training for those handling hazardous materials.

In an attempt to regulate the new policies, the university will impose a financial penalty for those who are found to be in violation of the new policies. Penalties range from $7,000 for nonserious violations to $25,000 for serious violations.

Pan-Asian Council Presents Chinese Lunar New Year Festivities

In celebration of Chinese New Year, which was yesterday, the Pan-Asian Council will hold its Lunar New Year celebration today from noon to 2 p.m. in the Price Center Plaza.

The celebration will include performances by Lion Dance as well as a traditional fashion show, White Tiger Kung Fu, Aionaga Karate and a lantern contest.

Later tonight, they will also sponsor “”Release the Serpent,”” a free performance featuring musical groups Ascension and White Tiger Kung Fu.

The Career Services Center is now Offering to Critique Application Essays

Expert advisors at the UCSD Career Services Center are now critiquing applications for professional and graduate school.

The service is open to people applying for a master’s degree, a doctorate, a degree in teaching, business, law, dentistry, medicine or any part of the health care industry.

Typed and double spaced application essays to be critiqued can be dropped off at the Career Services Center and picked up within five working days.

The Career Services Center is located on Library Walk and can be reached for further information at (858) 534-4939.

Earl’s Place to Hold a Chalk Drawing Contest

Earl’s Place in Warren College above Canyon Vista is currently holding a a chalk drawing contest to decorate their new chalkboard covered tabletops.

The contest is being held from now until Jan. 31 and judging will take place between Feb.1 and Feb.8. Winners will receive a number of prizes including Triton Plus Account bucks and gifts from Starbucks.