Founding Biology Dean Appointed

Professor Eduardo Macagno, associate vice president of arts and sciences for research and graduate education, and dean of the graduate school of arts and sciences at Columbia University, has been named founding dean of UCSD’s division of biology.

Macagno has worked at Columbia since 1973 and will begin his work at UCSD starting Feb. 1, 2001.

The division of biology, formerly a UCSD department, was created in July when UCSD’s division of natural sciences split into two divisions, each with its own dean. Mark Thiemens, a professor of chemistry and biochemistry, is the founding dean of the division of physical sciences.

Macagno is a developmental neurobiologist and serves as co-editor of the “”Journal of Neurobiology.”” As dean of Columbia’s graduate school of arts and sciences, Macagno oversaw a major improvement in graduate student financial aid and the development of a new endowment for graduate fellowships within Columbia’s capital campaign.

Macagno also initiated the development and implementation of several very successful interdepartmental masters degree programs and created several new programs that have significantly enhanced graduate alumni involvement with the school.

A.S. President to Wash Chancellor Dynes’ Car Monday

A.S. President Doc Khaleghi will wash Chancellor Dynes’ car on Library Walk Monday at noon as part of his defeat in the Chancellor’s 5K Run challenge.

The annual stakes between the A.S. president and the chancellor state that if the chancellor finishes before the A.S. president, he must fund the annual A.S. barbecue. If the A.S. president finishes behind the chancellor, he must wash the chancellor’s car.

Khaleghi came in 241st out of 719 entries. The chancellor came in 124th, and his wife Frances Dynes Hellman came in 171st.

The chancellor pledged to donate $25 for every person who beat him to the finish line donating $3,075. Dynes Hellman pledged to donate $25 for every woman who beat her to the finish line donating $525. Dynes contributed an additional $40,000 in undesignated funds. All proceeds were put toward undergraduate research scholarships.

Among the winners in the various 5K categories were Michael Breen, Terri Dowie, James Nielsen, Sally Anderson, Robert Starkey, Kevin Harley and Tamara Mau.

Cross Cultural Center to Recognize World AIDS Day

The UCSD Cross Cultural Center will present the World AIDS Day Celebration 2000 from Nov. 27 through Dec. 1 with poetry, artwork and informational materials.

Included in the celebration will be an AIDS Resource Fair from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 30 on Library Walk in cooperation with Student Health Advocates, the AIDS Research institute and the Women’s Center. A movie screening of “”And the Band Played On”” will be held at 5:30 p.m. at the Cross Cultural Center.

Scholarship Office Seeks Goldwater Applicants

Science and engineering sophomores and juniors with excellent grades and research experience are encouraged to apply for national Goldwater Scholarships, which provide winners with $7,500 a year for up to two years. The awards are intended for students who plan to pursue graduate studies in engineering and the sciences.

UCSD students have been quite successful nationally, winning three awards in 2000, two in 1999 and four in 1998.

Applications are available at or at student financial services’ scholarship lobby and must be returned to the UCSD scholarship office by Jan. 16, 2001. Thomas Bond is the UCSD campus representative for the Goldwater Scholarship and can discuss the application with interested students. For more information, call (858) 534-3263.