Athletes Plea for Student Referendum Funds

Students and faculty of the Campus Life Referendum Committee held their fourth meeting in a series to discuss the proposal of a new campus legislation that could cost each student over $230 a year.

Student athletes filled the meeting on Monday to show support for the referendum. The proposed referendum will increase funds for the UCSD athletic programs and other student organizations and facilities.

Members from track and field, women’s volleyball, baseball and softball teams addressed the committee about their need for support in funds.

“”The increased funds will not be to expand the athletic programs, but to merely maintain the programs at the current size,”” said track and field athlete Matt Deford. “”The athletic program is a representative of the school as a whole.””

Baseball team representative Chad Addison warned those in attendance of the dismal future of UCSD sports without the necessary funds.

“”Without this referendum, we will have to cut the athletic programs from 23 to 21 or 19,”” Addison said. “”This will give an unequal experience to the incoming freshmen.””

According to Addison, the referendum benefits all students as well as those affiliated with Division II athletics.

“”When I work out in RIMAC, I see all students, not just athletes,”” Addison said. “”RIMAC facilities will be improved, as well as more funds for intramural sports.””

Student athletes also highlighted the recent advance to the NCAA Division II status. Senior volleyball player Leslie Penalie cited increasing school spirit as a reason for the legislation.

“”Eighty percent of the students voted to move this school into Division II,”” Punelli said. “”This referendum is needed to bring national championships to UCSD.””

Along with the proposed funds for the athletics department, the proposed referendum will increase funds for the Women’s Center, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Resource Office, Cross Cultural Center, the sixth and seventh colleges, various student government groups and organizations, university events, and study lounges.

Funds would be allotted to further expand the Price Center to counteract the school’s strong undergraduate growth.

The Grove Cafe is also set to bring in new seating through this referendum.

If passed, the proposed referendum would raise the costs of student fees by $67.96 per quarter., If the referendum is not passed, all student programs will be forced to take cuts in their budget.

The Campus Life Referendum Committee is currently working to hash out the logistics of the referendum itself. A.S. representative Lana Kreidie spoke to help the committee in drafting its final referendum. Kreidie urged the committee to “”think critically when transitioning from the planning of the referendum to the implementation.””

Kreidie emphasized the importance of the study lounges and new places where students and faculty can work side-by-side.

Splinter debates were triggered during the public input period. A.S. Vice President External Eugene Mahmoud addressed the group, saying that the UC Board of Regents should increase its economic support for student affairs.

Mahmoud told the committee that students were meeting on Wednesday and Thursday at the regents meeting at UCLA to ask for an increase of student funds from the present $6 million to $30 million. These amounts would be divided equally among the respective UC schools.

Assuming the committee comes to an agreement on the legislation, the UCSD referendum will be put to an all-campus vote during Winter 2001.