2/17 A.S. Council

Disclaimer: The weekly A.S. Council column is not meant to be a news story but rather an individualized account of what occurs at Council meetings. If the most interesting part of a three-hour meeting is President Suvonnasupa’s haircut or an outburst from Senator O’Neill, the writer has the stylistic freedom to mention that in his column.

The Council meeting began with an unusual presentation from a San Diego man who accused members of A.S. and presumably UCSD as a whole of being a part of a new “silent generation.” While I would somewhat agree with him, I think he definitely could have communicated his point much better. Likening the Council’s efforts to the silence of the 1950s and then leaving isn’t an effective way of convincing an audience.

On a lighter note, Council welcomed three new appointments today, including Christian Walker as Advocate General, Claire Maniti as Elections Manager and Brody Patterson as First Year Senator.

The meeting also featured a presentation from President Dominick Suvonnasupa on housing insecurity at UCSD. Suvonnasupa pointed out that students spend a lot more to live in La Jolla than what they expect before moving here. This was certainly true for me, coming from rural Minnesota and all. If I had to give a rough estimate, I’d say it’s 35-40 percent more expensive to live here.

Suvonnasupa’s carefully designed powerpoint featured both statistics and quotes regarding students’ housing experiences. One of the quotes was from a student who was sharing his living quarters with a whopping 12 other people.

After the presentation, Senator Roger O’Neil asked if students were being informed that there were other options they could pursue if they couldn’t afford universities such as UCSD. This initiated a short discussion about the value of education and the fact that high quality education should be accessible and affordable to all.

During open forum, both Campuswide Senator Ryan Perez, also known as Shneaky, put in a plug for his music group and Senator Hosch announced that she will be competing against an Olympic Silver Medalist in a Triathlon this Saturday.

The meeting concluded at 7:15 p.m., which means I didn’t have to move my car from Gliderport to La Jolla Shores before the meeting because I can’t leave my car there past 8 p.m.. Oh well, at least I still don’t pay for parking after two and a half years here.