4/8 A.S. Council

The meeting commenced with an announcement from A.S. Graphic Studio representatives who came to talk about their campaign titled “Stay With Me.” Its mission is to promote safer drug and alcohol practices amongst students.

“College isn’t just a time to drink — it’s the time to drink,” one of the speakers said bluntly.

He continued by facetiously pointing how college is the one time in our life where we can drink alcohol whenever we want without the risk of being referred to Alcoholics Anonymous. So, for those of us who might not yet know our limits, the Stay With Me campaign is designed to facilitate a dialogue on safe alcohol practices. Representatives will screen a movie called “What’s in My Baggie?” in Price Center Theater on April 24 at 6 p.m.

After the speakers handed out merchandise with the campaign’s logo, Campuswide Senators Dominick Suvonnasupa and Bryan Dierking took the opportunity to show off their biceps by donning their newly acquired bro tanks. I see those tattoos, Suvonnasupa, and I approve.

This was followed by Reports of Members, during which AVP Ryan Huyler announced that the A.S. Office of Student Advocacy will be starting its “Know Your Rights” campaign. According to Huyler, there may be some changes to the sanctions process for students who have engaged in conduct violations.The meeting continued with a special presentation by a group of students from the University of San Diego who created a new app called Rocketing, which is basically a combination of Instagram, Snapchat and Tinder. The app gives you “Rocket Fuel” for how “cool” your photo is and disappears if it doesn’t have enough fuel. According to the dapper young gentleman from USD, it’s one of the best ways to gauge your photo’s popularity. Although the stated purpose is to connect its users to the “cool” events around them, it seems more like a high school popularity contest than anything beneficial.

During question time, AVP Sierra Donaldson lightened the mood by asking Speaker Jason Grimm: “Is there a conspiracy where only members of Beta can be Speaker?” Unsurprisingly, he declined to comment.

Toward the end of the meeting, ACCB President Ryan Perez that he will be performing at the Loft with his rap group this Saturday. I would also like to give Perez props for his gnarly tattoos. I dig the amount of ink that A.S. council members have.

Fortunately for me, and I’m assuming for the council members as well, the meeting ended much earlier than expected.