Proposed Rules Would Set New Curfew

Non-affiliates would be barred between 12 a.m. and 6 a.m. under new guidelines.


The Office of the Vice Chancellor of Resource Management and Planning proposed to implement the UC Regent’s Policy on Non-Affiliate Access at UCSD, which would limit the rights and access of non-university affiliates while on campus.

The policy defines non-affiliates as “any person who is not any of the following: a student, officer, official volunteer, employee, regent or emeritus of the University of California or a member of a household authorized to reside in university property.”

The policy includes a curfew for non-affiliates from 12 a.m. to 6 a.m. but this rule does not apply to “university-housing residents or their invited guests, invited guests of university faculty, emeritus or staff, persons possessing valid, written authorization from the designated university official or those on legitimate, university-related business or attending a specific university-sponsored event.” It also does not apply to “people proceeding directly across a roadway or path that has been designated by the designated university official as open to the public during curfew hours.”

Other mandates of the policy include guidelines on non-affiliate usage of alcohol, fire, nudity, gatherings and demonstrations, on-campus camping, storage of personal belongings and solicitation. The policy also includes stipulations against non-affiliates bringing animals to campus; it states that unauthorized animals must “remain on a leash or under the hand control of a responsible person at all times.”

Those wishing to comment on the proposal may submit written responses to Director of Policy and Records Administration Paula Johnson before June 30.

One thought on “Proposed Rules Would Set New Curfew

  1. This is terrible. This is one more step toward the PRIVATIZATION of our public university. You can only be here if you are *paying* to be here as a student, or if you are employed by the state’s largest corporation, UC? The campus will have a culture of “show me your papers” if you don’t look like you “belong” here, not unlike the racist regimes in Arizona and elsewhere in the world. And what is the reason for this, safety? How many times have we seen this throughout history: rights being restricted in the name of safety? This cannot be allowed to happen. First the Sun God Festival, and now this; sooner or later students will just have to get outraged and protest for their rights like in the Free Speech movement.

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