Clippers Train at RIMAC

The Los Angeles Clippers held a closed training camp at RIMAC last Monday through Friday

The Los Angeles Clippers held training camp at RIMAC Arena last week from Oct. 1 to Oct. 5 in preparation for their 2013-2014 season.

The Clippers, featuring 2013 All-Stars Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, had four days of practices and media events at RIMAC Arena, including an Inside the NBA segment hosted by Reggie Miller.

When asked about the campus, Griffin said he was impressed with the facilities.

“The gym’s great,” Griffin said. “This is the perfect court for a situation like this, having so many baskets and so much space to work. It’s also a great area and right next to our hotel.”

With the exception of a large group of students waiting for autographs outside of RIMAC that garnered attention from campus police, the training camp went through without a hitch. UCSD Athletics Director Earl Edwards was pleased with how the camp turned out.

“Having a team here of this caliber, and especially a local team, is great exposure for us,” UCSD Athletics Director Earl Edwards said. “We’ve heard over and over from the organization about how fantastic our facilities, and it would be great to see them come back in the future.”

This was the second time UCSD has hosted an NBA training camp after the Phoenix Suns spent a week at RIMAC last year. Edwards said Clippers Assistant Coach Alvin Gentry — former head coach in Phoenix — suggested camp be held at UCSD after coming to San Diego with the Suns.

Last June, Chris Paul hosted his summer camp at RIMAC Arena and Edwards said the camp will again be held at UCSD next summer.

Edwards also added that it’s likely UCSD may continue to host training camps for professional basketball teams in years to come.