Letter to the Editor

Want to get the word out about something? Upset about something you saw in the news? Write a letter to the editor and get published in The Guardian.

The UCSD Guardian welcomes letters from its readers. All letters must be addressed, and written, to the Editor of the Guardian. Letters are limited to 500 words, and all letters must include the writer’s name, college and year, department or city of residence. A maximum of three signatures per letter is permitted. The Guardian Editorial Board reserves the right to edit for length, accuracy, clarity and civility. The Editorial Board reserves the right to reject letters for publication. Due to the volume of mail we receive, we do not confirm receipt or publication of a letter. Please send all submissions to [email protected]

3 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor

  1. becaue they know they can go to the union…their jobs are safe…unions do not encourage a good work ethic…they encouraged an entitled work force.
    p richardson

  2. Clarification: I thought this is how I send a letter to the editor. This is not about the editor/workers at the Guardian.

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