Senior Sendoff: Zara Irshad


Zara Irshad, Senior Staff Writer

It’s been four years since I joined The UCSD Guardian, but I swear it feels more like four months sometimes. When I came to the paper my freshman year, I was too nervous to even come to recruitment, so I sent an email to the opinion editor instead. I didn’t think this duration would become such a core part of my college experience. I didn’t think I would become the writer I am today, that I would want to pursue journalism after graduation, or that I would meet some of my best friends through this experience. And I certainly didn’t think I’d go on to become Editor-in-Chief last year. 

  My Guardian journey started out with an article about getting termites in my ERC dorm during midterms. It’s funny to look back on that piece and reflect on how much I have grown as a writer since then. I am so thankful that I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and had the pleasure to write for all sections of The Guardian during my time at the paper (I collected all the infinity stones!). Against all odds, I even wrote a sports piece (Thank you Praveen for teaching me all about baseball).

Being part of The Guardian has been the one constant throughout college for me. Through pandemic times and hybrid learning, it has truly become my home base. I have met and worked with some of the most devoted and talented individuals through the years. 

 Troy, Raymond, Alex, Praveen thank you for always listening to my exasperated rants and letting me peer pressure you into getting coffee with me. I can’t imagine this whole experience without you, I love you all. Thank you to Geena for taking me on as a timid little opinion writer my freshman year and giving me a chance to progress. Thank you to Jahfreen, Daisy, and Jocelyn for showing me what true leadership looks like; I feel like a proud parent knowing that Raymond and Alex are taking over next year — I am so excited to see all of the amazing things you both will do with the paper <3 

Photo Courtesy of Keith Kobayashi