Senior Sendoff: Rosabella Debty


Rosabella Debty, Senior Staff Writer

I started working with The UCSD Guardian during a very rough period in my life. My friend group had just fallen apart, I was in a bad apartment situation, and I was worrying about a new job. It was a way to keep myself busy and have a reason to write outside of my literature classes. Immediately, the Guardian welcomed me with open arms, helping me formulate my ideas into written copy. My favorite memory is of Friendsgiving, with impromptu improv that grew more chaotic by the minute and left my stomach aching from the laughter. While I am graduating a year early, so I didn’t have as much time with the team as I might’ve hoped, I will say my experience at The Guardian is one I’ll never forget. The UCSD Guardian, not only have you helped me develop my voice as a writer, you have given me a semblance of normalcy within an education disrupted by a world-wide pandemic, and for that I am grateful. Congrats to my fellow graduates and I look forward to seeing what my peers write next!