Senior Sendoff: Andrew Ha

It’s incredible to think that I’ve been with The UCSD Guardian for 4 years now. I still remember how I was excited out of high school to continue news writing but deathly afraid of what “college” news writing would be like. It was daunting to consider how my writing carried weight and would reach a larger audience. The cost of a mistake can become much more detrimental. Because while reporting can sound dry on many occasions, I still consider it an art: the ability to weave an unbiased narrative is a careful balance of each parties’ opinion. It is often acknowledging differences and putting aside your own beliefs. The thing is, here I am, and numerous articles in, still deathly afraid but — at least — much more capable than before. 

Being with the paper and all the amazing people in it, I’ve come to grow so much in my writing ability and analytical skills. And it brings me so much joy that I’ve been able to do all of this amazing work with my best friend and co-Editor Troy. Together with our news team, we’ve written about so many hard hitting issues and controversies over the years. I feel at times almost like a co-parent with him guiding our writers and seeing them grow. Many have come and gone but I truly believe that each has been able to learn many valuable lessons. I’m so proud of the work we’ve achieved and I will truly miss being a part of The UCSD Guardian. But I’m equally excited to see how our successors will take our team of writers to even greater heights.

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