Letter from the Editor: “Opaque Transparency”

On Monday, January 24, the Opinion piece titled “Opaque Transparency” was temporarily removed from our website after we were notified of an inaccuracy regarding Dr. Saiba Varma’s standing with UC San Diego, and removed once more on Friday, January 28 after we were made aware of inaccuracies in the CGS statement that is referenced through the piece. Providing reliable information to the Triton community is of the utmost importance to The UCSD Guardian. We are currently revising the piece to ensure that it meets our standards of journalistic integrity.

The original version contained inaccurate information regarding Dr. Varma’s position within UCSD. Specifically, it was incorrectly asserted that Dr. Varma was fired. We have also been made aware that the official CGS statement regarding Dr. Varma, which was used throughout the article, contains its own inaccuracies. Before putting “Opaque Transparency” back on our website, we are waiting for clarity on these disputed claims to ensure that the piece upholds our journalistic standards.

As an opinion writer, I believe that even subjective points must be grounded in objective evidence. I sincerely apologize for jeopardizing the facts surrounding this tense situation and hope that the revisions do due diligence to those negatively impacted by the previous implications of the piece.

I would like to thank our readers for bringing these inaccuracies to my attention. Maintaining accurate, reliable, and relevant information in our articles is a priority to our team. If you would like to reach out, please email me at [email protected]


Sparky Mitra
Opinion Writer

*This statement was edited on 1/29/22 to respond to concerns regarding the sources used in the original piece.

One thought on “Letter from the Editor: “Opaque Transparency”

  1. Dear Sparky,

    Thank you for this important correction. Just so you know the CGS statement has been retracted and the two directors have resigned. For a more accurate account of what has transpired please read this piece by
    Professor Naim:


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