Photo Essay: Local favorite – RIMAC Vaccination Station

Whether it be Pfizer or Moderna, the vaccine is offering hope for us all as we continue to strive for a safer and healthier community. Here is what a few fellow students and marvelous members of the San Diego community thought of their experience: 

Charis Hales (4th year UCSD Student):

“Super excited to be fully vaccinated and ready to see what the next few years hold! Thank you UCSD!“

Maria Melvin (Community Member):

“We are so relieved to get the vaccine and felt that it was very well coordinated here. It’s been a hectic year, but getting the vaccine helps make us feel hopeful for the future.”

Jim Melvin (Community Member):

“I was very happy to be back  on a college campus, I used to be a professor and it’s great seeing students taking initiative to volunteer at the vaccination site.”

Ray York (Hospital Contractor):

“The majority of my work is done in a  hospital so getting my second vaccine- well, I’m happy to be able to worry less. I had an awesome experience at UCSD’s Vaccination Site, everyone was very helpful and it was very well conducted.”

Eugenia Fernandez (4th year UCSD Student):

“I’m super excited about getting the vaccine. It feels like the light at the end of the tunnel, exactly a year ago everything went downhill and now it’s all just very surreal.“

Courtney Krennrich (UCSD Student):

“Oh I feel really good about getting the vaccine. It makes me feel a lot safer and in general just makes my friends, family, and community safer. I’d say it’s a good thing all around!”

Miguel and Joyce (Community Members):

“We are very happy to get the vaccine and feel more at peace now with our second dose.”

Jackelee (Community Member):

“I am so grateful to get the vaccine and you know it was very well organized here at UCSD, overall a good experience!”

Jim Villani (UCSD Student):

“I felt good about the vaccine! I’m very glad for not having the same intense worry for when I go back to visit my family. It feels a lot better to have a concern lifted and hopefully soon I can also see a few friends that I hadn’t seen in a long time. “

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