Senior Sendoff: Steven Zhou

As someone who sucked at putting my thoughts to paper or even having a thought, I never would have pegged myself as a writer back in high school. Life decided otherwise I guess and I found myself hanging in the student media side of UC San Diego with some of the niche-est people on campus.

Through my experiences with writing and the random debates/duels in the office, I feel like I’ve gained an immeasurable amount of creativity and self-confidence that I would never have obtained with some random academic org, research lab, or satirical newspaper — who even reads satire these days?

Just as I could never have predicted my STEM-oriented self becoming a writer, so too am I unprepared for this insane yet anti-climatic end to my UCSD experience. Leaving Arts & Entertainment, especially like this, will be hard, but I look forward to seeing the section continue to evolve under newer, more talented whippersnappers.

Thank you editors for somehow not firing me after all these years, and thank you A&E kiddos for being such a boss section to be in. Zoom bless you.