Senior Sendoff: Anthony Tran

When I started college, I wanted to continue drawing as much as possible because it was a passion of mine. I searched the school for clubs related to art and joined as many as I could. I am graduating as a member of the Comicbook Club, Origami Folders, Intermission Orchestra, and The UCSD Guardian newspaper.

I joined the newspaper because I wanted to make comics and throughout the years, I created four different series that never seemed to finish. I illustrated many articles and had to teach myself design, color, and composition.

When I became Art editor my third year, I learned how to lead a group of talented artists and how to work with a passionate team of editors. It was a lot of hard work but I wanted to remember this experience in the future, so I collected each and every printed issue of the paper.

It was sad I was not able to do this for my last quarter. 

Still find it amazing I was able to get so involved with the newspaper. (Coincidentally, at least four people who had my high school AP English teacher entered their college newspapers. Shout-out to Aileen Nguyen and Kristie-Valerie Hoang from the Daily Bruin and Divya Seth from the Guardian.)

I am so blessed to have such a dedicated art team producing so much quality art, especially in my final quarter. They gave so much for the newspaper and their illustrations are a constant inspiration.

Also a huge thanks to my associated art editors Jessica Ni, Yui Kita, and finally Angela Liang who will be taking my position next year. They supported me and the newspaper so much when school work was piling up. I am happy to be part of such an open, friendly, and opinionated team and am grateful to have been able to spend my college time with them.