San Diego City Council Approves UCSD Hillel Center After 17 Years

UC San Diego’s Hillel organization has had a longstanding battle with La Jolla residents regarding their proposal of the construction of a formal Hillel center to support UCSD’s Jewish student population. However, San Diego City Council has finally approved the project, allowing the long-awaited center to start construction.

The center, first proposed almost seventeen years ago, would reside in a vacant lot in the corner of La Jolla Village Drive and Torrey Pines Road. Residents in the area where quite opposed to the idea, as they argued it would only bring more traffic and get rid of parking spaces that are much needed.

While some residents are also advocates for the Hillel, many of them dislike the project because of its destined location, arguing that the center would seem more justified in a commercial location rather than a residential area.

The proposed center would be 6,500 square feet and include one two-story building, two one-story buildings, a courtyard, as well as twenty-seven parking spaces for cars and additional parking for bicycles.

The project in total would cost UCSD Hillel almost 15 million dollars, although, 8.5 million has already been raised; 5 million coming from La Jolla resident and philanthropist Joseph “Chickie” Glickman. The Hillel will also be named after Glickman, providing an outlet of activities and support to UCSD’s Jewish students.

Currently, there is no set date of completion for the Hillel center but fundraising will soon begin to reach the 15 million dollars needed.