UCSD’s Executive Vice Chancellor to Resign This Summer

UCSD Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Suresh Subramani announced plans to step down from his position after more than five years of service. The announcement was made via an April 20 email from UCSD Chancellor Pradeep Khosla addressed to faculty, staff and students.

Subramani was appointed as UCSD’s first executive vice chancellor in 2011. During his term, Subramani recruited more than 240 new faculty members and raised over a billion dollars in research funding each year. In addition HE established the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and helped create the Black Resource Center and Raza Resource Centro.

Subramani has been a part of the UCSD faculty for 35 years and currently serves as a distinguished professor in the division of biological sciences. According to the email, Subramani will continue to teach and conduct research at UCSD after his resignation.

Khosla spoke on Subramani’s decision to leave the position, and commended him for his service to the university.

“I am deeply grateful for EVC Subramani’s partnership in our efforts to keep [UCSD] at the forefront of education and research,” Khosla said. “We are fortunate that he will continue to be deeply engaged with [UCSD] upon his return to teaching and research as a distinguished professor of molecular biology, following a well-deserved period of sabbatical.”