UCOP Announces Plan to Increase In-State Enrollment by 5,000 Students

UC President Janet Napolitano announced last week that the university will enroll 5,000 more Californian students next school year. Napolitano did not reveal the details of her plan but she told the LA Times it is “a really good plan” that she will discuss at this month’s UC Regents meeting.

If implemented, the State Legislature will grant the university $25 million in additional funding, as stipulated in tits budget. Speaker of the California State Assembly Tony Atkins expressed her support for Napolitano’s plan for action.

“When the Assembly conducted our in-depth review of the University of California this year, it was clear that the university can and should do a better job fulfilling its mission to educate California students,” Atkins said in an Oct. 22 press release. “President Napolitano’s comments suggest [University of California] has accepted this challenge.”

A.S. Vice President of External Affairs Krystl Fabella told the UCSD Guardian that she doesn’t believe this plan is realistic. Though she doesn’t dissent to the idea of enrolling more students from California, Fabella stated that the university currently doesn’t have the infrastructure to support 5,000 more students.

“It’s not just new dorm beds and classes that would need to be factored in,” Fabella told the Guardian. “It’s literally everything that will be aggravated even more with the enrollment: student-to-teacher ratio, overwhelmed TAs, housing, parking, etc. This will prove to be way more costly, with all the elements that would go into it.”

Furthermore, Fabella argued that the university should offset the increase in in-state enrollment with a decrease in out-of-state enrollment.

The UC Regents will convene to discuss and consider the Napolitano’s at UC San Francisco – Mission Bay on Nov. 18.