12 April Fools Day Pranks to Make Your Roommate Hate You

April Fools Day ruins friendships. Picture courtesy of Pixabay.
April Fools Day ruins friendships. Picture courtesy of Pixabay.

Looking to get the roomie with the perfect prank? No need to scour through episodes of “The Office,” the UCSD Guardian brings you 12 prank ideas that go beyond the classic Oreos and toothpaste trick. Because we all know no one falls for that anyway … Right?

  1. Does your roomie have a laser mouse? Tape a piece of paper under it. Even better if the paper is a mini troll face.
  2. Attach an air horn to the pole under their computer chair. It’s like an updated whoopee cushion.
  3. Or you could just do the whole whoopee cushion thing.
  4. Print out a tiny picture of Nicolas Cage and tape it over your front door’s peephole. Proceed to ding-dong ditch. Or don’t — you could also just pie them when they open the door.
  5. Or why not just pie them in general? That’s one prank that never gets old.
  6. If you have an avid cola drinker in the house, empty out their Coke or Pepsi bottle and replace it with a mixture of Sprite and soy sauce. At the right ratio, this could also pose as Dr. Pepper, root beer or just about any other dark brown soda they could possibly be into.
  7. Squeeze out a good portion of their toothpaste and refill the tube with frosting. Mix it with food coloring if it needs to be blue or red. If it needs to be green, mix it with wasabi.
  8. Coat the bathroom bar of soap with clear nail polish so that it won’t lather. This will drive germaphobes insane. Make sure you have emergency back-up soap in case they refuse to leave the bathroom with tarnished hands.
  9. Take an egg out of the carton, boil it and then put it back with the uncooked eggs. It sounds mild, but this editor’s roommate actually freaked out when he found it while trying to make scrambled eggs last year. Watching him spaz and run over to the trash can to throw it away was totally worth it.
  10.  Get an empty jar. Print out an appropriately sized picture of something screamer-worthy (think Jeff the Killer). Tape it to the inner wall of the jar with the picture facing outward. Stick it in your fridge. Wait around the corner for screams.
  11.  Replace their deodorant with cream cheese.
  12.  If you have access to their car keys, go re-park their car somewhere on the street where they won’t see it. When they can’t find it, convince them it was towed away. For more evidence, print out a fake parking ticket that “came in the mail,” and you can also attach the business card of a towing company that’s in Ventura.

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