Brown Aims to Increase Renewable Energy Use

During California Gov. Jerry Brown’s inaugural address on Jan. 5, Brown discussed the environmental action policy and goals that he hopes to reach during his fourth term, as well as energy-efficient goals that will affect Californians for many years to come.

Brown stated that based on California’s current laws, he hopes to reach the goal of around one-third of electricity use from renewable energy by 2020. However, within the next 15 years, he hopes to increase the amount of renewable energy use from 33 percent to 50 percent. Along with this, he wants to reduce petroleum use in trucks and cars by 50 percent, to double the efficiency in existing buildings and to create cleaner heating fuels, all by 2030. 

The governor continued to address other environmental goals that he hopes to reach, such as more widespread use of electric and low-carbon vehicles and initiatives involving electrical distribution, battery storage and expanded rooftop solar. 

“How we achieve these goals and at what pace will take great thought and imagination mixed with pragmatic caution,” Brown said in his speech. “It will require enormous innovation, research and investment. We will need active collaboration at every stage with our scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, businesses and officials at all levels.”

Brown also stated that he wishes to reduce methane use, black carbon and other pollutants, while managing farms and wetlands so they can store carbon.