Lights & Sirens

Friday, Feb. 7
2:07 a.m.: Fire Alarm
A fire sprinkler malfunctioned in the Village West Building 1, triggering a false alarm. Checks OK.
12:39 p.m.: Disturbance
A group was handing out flowers and videotaping people in the Student Service Center quad area. Information only.
1:35 p.m.: Injury
A skateboarder collided with a pickup truck near Voigt Drive, possibly breaking his arm. Transported to hospital.
4:19 p.m.: Medical Aid
The subject drank an unknown liquid in Black Hall, thinking it was water. Medics responded, checks OK.

Saturday, Feb. 8
2:12 a.m.: Disturbance
A group of subjects was ringing doorbells at Tenaya Hall. Quiet on arrival.
5:14 a.m.: Medical Aid
The subject experienced shortness of breath and a rapid heart rate in Cafe Vita. Transported to hospital.
11:52 p.m.: Citizen Contact
The subject felt depressed and requested transportation to the hospital. Transported to hospital for evaluation.

Sunday, Feb. 9
9:51 p.m.: Information
Personal belongings were left by an unknown owner on the ground and on vehicles in Lot 102. Information only.
9:58 p.m.: Suicide Attempt
The subject made suicidal threats in text messages to suitemates at the Village West. Transported to hospital for evaluation.

Monday, Feb. 10
11:47 a.m.: Non-injury Accident Report
A vehicle backed into another parked vehicle at the La Jolla Professional Center. Report taken.
7:14 p.m.: Suspicious Person
A subject was soliciting money for sports programs at the Central Mesa Apartments. Field interview administered.

Tuesday, Feb. 11
4:04 a.m.: Welfare Check
A student-aged subject with a prior medical condition was lying on the floor at the Robinson Complex. Transported to hospital.
1:50 p.m.: Welfare Check
A subject had 15 dogs near Expedition Way.
Unable to locate.
3:03 p.m.: Medical Aid
The subject suffered an allergic reaction at Goldberg. Transported to hospital.

Wednesday, Feb. 12
1:25 a.m.: Petty Theft
Two student-aged subjects took a table from an event in Frankfurter Hall. Field interview administered.
2:02 a.m.: Citizen Contact
Two subjects were urinating on the side of Tioga Hall. Unable to locate.

Thursday, Feb. 13
1:37 p.m.: Welfare Check
The caller had not heard from the subject in three days. Checks OK.
8:29 p.m.: Information
Subjects in a vehicle were throwing eggs at passing motorists on Artists Lane. Information only.
10:21 p.m.: Information
A suspicious person, possibly intoxicated, was reported in Lot 103. Information only.

Lights and Sirens is compiled from the Police Crime Log at