Plaza Cafe Dining Hall Undergoing Renovation for A Full Year


Plaza Cafe, the Revelle College dining hall, is closing for an upgrade beginning Saturday, June 15. According to Housing, Dining and Hospitality  Committee member and former Revelle HDH Representative Simran Anand, the dining hall is one of UCSD’s largest dining halls and has the most expansive kitchen, but it does not currently generate enough revenue to continue business. 

HDH Services has plans to upgrade the kitchen by adding different food service areas and decorations within the current dining area. Renovations will include the installation of a smoothie or sushi bar. Plans have also been made to include a fireplace and install lights from the Cafe’s elevated ceiling to make the dining hall seem cozier.

Changes to the dining hall’s exterior are also set to take place, with renovations to door locations including the creation of new entrances between Blake and Argo Hall —a space which currently acts as an emergency exit.

Roger’s Place, the Revelle Market, will also undergo construction; there are plans to switch its location with Revelle College’s conference rooms, although it will continue to serve students at its current site during the transition. 

Plaza Cafe is set to reopen after one year, following upgrades. 

“These upgrades will make Plaza more appealing and hopefully more sustainable as currently its cost is way too high,” Anand said. “Hopefully more students will be eating there, and it will lose its reputation as one of the least friendly and appealing dining halls on this campus.”

On Wednesday, June 5, HDH held a farewell gathering for the dining hall.  The event included DJs, live music, vintage and new arcade games, menu specials and various treats. 

A survey will be sent out by Revelle administration asking for student input on renaming the Cafe during the next school year.