New Insurance Plan Discussed, Pres. Says Tech Fee Unlikely

This week’s meeting began with an introduction by Revelle College Council, who left as soon as they said “hi.” I guess they didn’t want to overstay their welcome.

Two presentations were given last night. The first was by the Student Sustainability Collective. Five of their members, including Campuswide Senator Elizabeth Elman, spoke about upcoming events like the Sexual Empowerment Campaign, which will include giving out free condoms. They also discussed the progress of their programs, such as an electronic waste collection project and a Styrofoam ban in Price Center.

Former ERC and Campuswide Senator Alex Vu discussed the future of the Student Health Insurance Program. UC schools are considering the creation of a UC-wide health insurance policy. Vu stressed that UCSD has a unique health insurance program, and incorrectly stated that students have 100-percent coverage. UCSD is currently updating SHIP and considering the adoption of the UC-wide program. Vu requested feedback from students on what kinds of health services they want.

A reading circle for the book Barack and a Hard Place will take place this Friday at 1 p.m. in Marshall College’s Fireside Lounge. It’s the first event of the Respect Campaign started by the office of Diversity Affairs

Sixth College Senator Parminder Sandhu answered a question about the cash cab, which students might have seen around campus, and is from the Sixth College Television station. You can jump on it, get a ride to class and answer trivia for prizes.

Roosevelt College Senator Matthew Bradbury informed council about the American Opportunity Tax Grant, which gives students $2,000 in tax credit for school expenses.

Campuswide Senator Victor Flores-Osorio is creating an all-campus dodgeball event modeled after one that took place at UCI. The event will occur next quarter.

Campuswide Senator Anish Bhayani said TritonLink will be revamped once again, this time called TritonLink 2.0. Bhanyani said there’s currently an online interactive survey for students to determine how to organize the redesign.

President Wafa Ben Hassine said it seems like the proposed technology fee won’t go through, since both students and faculty oppose it. Hassine wrote a letter to Chancellor Marye Anne Fox and the vice chancellors expressing council’s concerns about the fee, especially the lack of student voice on the technology fee committee.

Ben Hassine also reminded council that there are two open spaces in council, one on the Judicial Board and one as campuswide senator.

Marshall College Senator Thao Pham is working on filling the Fireside Lounge with mosaics.

Council went into a closed session to discuss the approval of election manager Senam Payandeh. She was approved by the time the meeting opened back up.

The meeting ended in excitement as UCSD foam fingers for basketball games were handed out to members of council. Who’s got spirit at UCSD, you ask? Apparently, council does.