A.S. Council Should Pass Resolution for Nonviolence

Dear Editor,

The Resolution in Support of Peace and Neutrality Through UC Divestment from U.S. Corporations Profiting From Occupation seems to be a divisive issue, one that will polarize the community and the A.S. Council. Most, if not all, people will agree that the conflict is a contentious issue — one not too many people want to get involved with.

However, as a Jewish student who supports human rights and peace, I strongly urge all voting members of the council to vote in support of this, because doing so is the best and most logical course of action. It allows one to take a strong, neutral stance in regards to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict — while promoting equality, the securing of human rights for all, justice and adherence to international law. 

Voting ‘Yes’ on the resolution clearly conveys one’s desire to not support violence on either side of the conflict, and affirms the fact that one wants nothing more to do with this decades-long conflict. However, voting ‘No’ essentially declares that one is taking a side in the conflict, and is a willing, indirect participant in the perpetuation of the injustices being carried out by an exclusive side.

This resolution only helps to elevate the level of respect for humanity and equality of all people — regardless of race, ethnicity, religious affiliation, gender and sexual orientation. Furthermore, in the 60-plus years of the conflict, this resolution is the first solution of its kind that is nonviolent and does not target any specific ethnic group, but rather a government’s policies that create injustice. 

This is the A.S. Council’s chance to not only be a courageous defender of human rights and equality, but also be part of the movement that is seeking to end the perpetuation of conflicts in the most neutral way. 

—Daniel Weinstein

Senior, Warren College