A.S. Council Talks to Koala, Grove Accepts Dining Dollars

In light of the day’s teach-ins and last week’s student-media funding freeze, the Week 8 A.S. Council meeting was the most intense of the year so far.

During public input, individuals from both the Black Student Union and media organizations addressed the council in hopes of influencing a future decision on the freeze.

Assistant Vice Chancellor of Students Affairs Gary Ratcliff displayed his contempt for the Koala.

“I’ve seen this for 10 years, where you allow student publications to fund hate,” he said. “Meanwhile, you are watering that weed with $7,000 — let [the Koala] use their own beer money to fund themselves.”

Koala Editor in Chief Kris Gregorian arrived at the meeting wielding $20 in pennies to demonstrate that students are free to ask for reimbursement of their fees that go toward the Koala.

As the council motioned to move to New Business, it voted to maintain the temporary freeze and discuss the topic at the campus media review committee meeting 8 p.m. Thursday.

Next, Student-Run Television co-manager Thomas Dadourian begged the council to reopen the station.

Campuswide Senator Desiree Prevo said the SRTV shutdown paled in comparison to larger issues.

“Your voice may be silenced temporarily, but as a student of color on this campus, my voice is silenced permanently,” she said.

The motion to reinstate SRTV’s charter, with an amendment banning live shows, failed.

AVP of Diversity Affairs Jasmine Phillips spoke to AVP of Academic Affairs and Pi Kappa Alpha member Jordan Taylor regarding the racial incident at their meeting Sunday.

“PIKE is not taking accountability, they just attempt to cover their own asses,” Phillips said. “But they have had a lack of action and a nonchalant attitude.”

Taylor was visibly shaking and upset as he listened to Phillips’ speech.

Last week, councilmembers moved to create a committee to bridge the gap between the Greek community and the Student Affirmative Action Committee, but did not determine how the council would oversee the committee.

This week, council voted to institute Briana Boyd from Counseling and Psychological Services as the committee’s chair.

During member reports, Campuswide Senator Adam Kenworthy announced he would not wear shoes for two weeks to raise money for Partners in Health and Haiti relief.

President Utsav Gupta informed the council that the Graduate Student Association failed the University Centers CPI referendum that the council passed last week.

VP of Finance and Resources Peter Benesch excitedly announced that the Grove Cafe will take dining dollars starting in spring.

And, as always, what would an A.S. meeting be without the repeated issue of council accountability?

After a relatively brief debate, councilmembers voted to impeach Sixth College Senator Kevin Nguyen, who was notably absent.