Best Place to Feign Artiness

OFF CAMPUS — Want to flaunt your artistic side without committing to the flannel shirt ensemble? Landmark Hillcrest Cinema has all the free-spirited intellect you’re looking for, without requiring any sort of life-altering commitment. Unlike the recycled puppy chow that AMC La Jolla 12 churns out every week, Hillcrest’s at no shortage of conversation starters. Though its flimsy Popsicle-stick seats are hardly conducive to a makeout sesh, you can still slip away to their open-air patio to sip on their lavender-flavored cappuccinos and schmooze over French New Wave. But if you’re still yearning to play the part, feel free to pick up a fedora at the newly installed Urban Outfitters across the street. At the very least, you can still drive there: Hillcrest’s underground parking garage will keep it secret that you still don’t own a fix.