Monday, June 26, 2017
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Out From Under the Big Top

Running away with the circus is a glamorous childhood dream — one that most of us abandoned once we found out about all the manure duty and realized clowns were, um, scary. But here to rekindle our earliest ambitions is Muir College sophomore Elizabeth Sibert: circus aerialist extraordinaire.

A World of Color

UCSD student Lily Wang, featured artist of the month at The Loft, talks about her paintings and the significance behind them Muir College freshman Lily Wang has been an artist since she could pick up...

Get Your Spray On

On Monday, May 19, University Centers offered part two of their on-campus graffiti art event Graffiti Hill in an overall effort to give students an eventually permanent space for graffiti art.  It was commutative respect...

No More Bamboo Ceilings

For Revelle College junior Julie Lam and UCSD’s Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers, it’s not the glass ceiling, but the bamboo ceiling that they’re trying to break. The term, first coined by author Jane...

Water, Water, Everywhere

Rampant floods. Mini tornadoes by the beach. Howling winds. Not what you would normally expect to see in San Diego. But this is no ordinary winter. This year, California is being hit by unusually...

Out of Our Wallets: Where the University Gets its Funding

When the 2008 financial crisis hit, many students became at least slightly more frugal than they had been before. The same can be said about California when it comes to funding, but the decline...

Why Chinese International Students Hate the Dalai Lama

The warm scent of coffee wafted out of Price Center’s Starbucks as I sat outside in the breezy air, waiting for Yuki Huang, a second year at Revelle College. While we bantered, the name...

Emergency at the Speed of Bureaucracy

How to account for the response to the current transportation crisis, including a Facebook page with 6,000 followers, several protests and a planned march.


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