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Serving thousands of readers weekly via a print edition and online at www.ucsdguardian.org, the UCSD Guardian is the University of California at San Diego’s award-winning independent student newspaper, published by UCSD students for the UCSD community. We publish in print on Mondays during the regular academic year, with the exception of summer session, University holidays, and final examinations. The Guardian is a student-run organization independently funded by advertising sales.

Our 2020 Editorial Staff

Editor-in-Chief | editor@ucsdguardian.org
Daisy Scott

Managing Editor | managing@ucsdguardian.org
Ranjani Shankar

News Editor | news@ucsdguardian.org
Jacob Sutherland

Opinion Editor | opinion@ucsdguardian.org
Geena Younger

Features Editor features@ucsdguardian.org
Lara Sanli

Arts & Entertainment Editors entertainment@ucsdguardian.org
Chloe Esser and Jahfreen Alam

Lifestyle Editors lifestyle@ucsdguardian.org
Annika Olives and Colleen Conradi

Sports Editor | sports@ucsdguardian.org
Jack Trent Dorfman

Photo Editor photo@ucsdguardian.org
Alexandra Fustei

Design Editor | design@ucsdguardian.org
Alex Rickard

Art Editor | art@ucsdguardian.org
Anthony Tran

Copy Editor | copy@ucsdguardian.org
Divya Seth

Web and Multimedia | webmaster@ucsdguardian.orgmultimedia@ucsdguardian.org
Luke Burbidge

Data Visualization dataviz@ucsdguardian.org
Alicia Gunawan

Marketing Directors | marketing@ucsdguardian.org
Hakyung Yun and Julianna Covarrubias

Advertising Representatives | ads@ucsdguardian.org
Grace Lee
Mentari Kirana Arinardi

Susan Sun

Business Manager
Suzan Diricco

Page Layout
Alex Rickard

Copy Readers
Rachael Alberts, Cora Becker, Vincent Gao, Richard Lu, Melissa Posada, Agnes Song

*Full staff list available upon request

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# Name E-mail Phone Fax
1 Editorial Office editor@ucsdguardian.org
2 Marketing Office marketing@ucsdguardian.org
3 Advertising Office ads@ucsdguardian.org (858) 534-0466
4 Business Manager (858) 534-6845
5 Webmaster webmaster@ucsdguardian.org
6 News Editor news@ucsdguardian.org
7 Opinion Editor opinion@ucsdguardian.org
8 Features Editor features@ucsdguardian.org
9 Lifestyle Editor lifestyle@ucsdguardian.org
10 A&E Editor entertainment@ucsdguardian.org
11 Sports Editor sports@ucsdguardian.org
12 Photo Editor photo@ucsdguardian.org