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Serving thousands of readers biweekly via a print edition and online at www.ucsdguardian.org, the Guardian is the University of California at San Diego’s award-winning independent student newspaper, published by UCSD students for the UCSD community. We publish Mondays and Thursdays during the regular academic year, with the exception of summer session, University holidays, and final examinations. The Guardian is a student-run organization independently funded by advertising sales.

Our Staff

Editor in Chief | editor@ucsdguardian.org

Zev Hurwitz @zevelzvuv

Zev Hurwitz is a senior in Earl Warren College studying Political Science and American Politics with minors in communication and Middle East Studies. Before taking over the editor in chief post in March 2014, he served as managing editor (2013-2014), news editor (2012-2013) and associate news editor (2012). Zev is also Executive Vice President of the Union of Jewish Students at UCSD and sits on the UC San Diego Committee on Campus Climate, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.

Managing Editors | managing@ucsdguardian.org

Rachel Huang @redpenranting Lauren Koa

News Editor | news@ucsdguardian.org

Gabriella Fleischman @gmfleischman

Associate News Editor | news@ucsdguardian.org

Yan Gao @yangaogao

Opinion Editor | opinion@ucsdguardian.org

Kelvin Noronha

Associate Opinion Editor | opinion@ucsdguardian.org

Morgan Jong

Morgan Jong is a third year Communication student, who surprisingly aspires to become a journalist. As a former member of the UCSD Soccer team, Morgan feels incomplete without a pair of yoga pants and a half zip. She is all about that #fitlife, so trying to tempt her with chips and soda usually won’t work. If you’re curious about what a 75 percent Hispanic, 25 percent Asian goddess looks like, you won’t find her on Facebook, but you might find her serving salads and pizzas with a smile at Foodworx in Sixth College.

Sports Editor | sports@ucsdguardian.org

Brandon Yu @UCSD_sports

Associate Sports Editors | sports@ucsdguardian.org

John Story  & Daniel Sung

Features Editor features@ucsdguardian.org

Sydney Reck @sydneyreck

Sydney Reck is a first-year Physiology & Neuroscience major and Literature/Writing minor from Revelle who doesn’t quite know what she wants to do with the rest of her life. But she does know that she loves dogs, has terrible eyesight, wants to earn a Master’s degree in Biology, and does not want to go to medical school. She also believes in the Oxford comma. Her experience includes nine years of analytical writing, eight years of professional vocal performance, and a working knowledge of biomedical data segmentation.

Associate Features Editor | features@ucsdguardian.org

Soumya Kurnool @skurnool13

Associate Features Editor Soumya Kurnool is a freshman from Revelle College who studies Biotechnology and hopes to minor in French Literature. She is passionate about translational oncology research that bridges the gap between the lab and the clinic, and she currently works at the UCSD Moores Cancer Center. Soumya also loves Indian classical music and is an active member of UCSD’s Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music And Culture Amongst Youth (SPICMACAY).

Arts & Entertainment Editor entertainment@ucsdguardian.org

Jacqueline Kim

Lifestyle Editor lifestyle@ucsdguardian.org

Vincent Pham @vietboiphoeva

Vincent Pham is a political science major from Eleanor Roosevelt College. When he’s not holed up in the Guardian office or working at his internship, the ambitious second year enjoys scurrying around La Jolla taste testing various local cuisines, as befitting his position at the paper, and planning get-togethers with his fellow undergrads. He is currently the proud captain of the excellent IM Kickball team Adele, which plays every Sunday at 5 p.m., is chronically deficient of female players and recently scored a point. Go Adele!

Associate Lifestyle Editor lifestyle@ucsdguardian.org

Teddi Faller

Teddi Faller is a junior in Revelle College studying History, particularly modern European history. She calls Portland, Oregon her home and lives up to her hipster stereotype by being a vegan majoring in an impractical field to get a degree that she might not even use. When she’s not reading 200 pages about the Soviet Union during the Khrushchev period, she’s re-watching her same “Friends” and “Sex and the City” DVDs.

Photo Editorphoto@ucsdguardian.org

Taylor Sanderson

Associate Photo Editor photo@ucsdguardian.org Alwin Szeto Art Editor | art@ucsdguardian.org Elyse Yang Associate Art Editor | art@ucsdguardian.org Annie  Liu Design Editor | design@ucsdguardian.org Dorothy Van Copy Editor Andrew Huang Associate Copy Editor Susan Shamoon Training and Development Manager | development@ucsdguardian.org Madeline Mann Social Media Coordinator Dorothy Van Multimedia Editor Aleksandra Konstantinovic Multimedia Editor Aleksandra Konstantinovic is a second year Literatures in English major from Sixth College. When she’s not wondering how to turn said major into an actual paying career, she enjoys taking photos and covering the neverending drama that is municipal government. She has previously worked as the Guardian’s Associate News Editor and A.S. Council columnist. @aleksandrasks Advertising Director | asechrest@ucsdguardian.org Audrey Sechrest Business Manager | emku@mail.ucsd.edu Emily Ku Editorial Assistants Emily Bender, Rosina Garcia, Shelby Newallis, Jonah Yonker Page Layout Lauren Koa, Amber Shroyer Copy Readers Clara Chao, Waverly Tseng Webmaster Joseph Le     Contact Us Every Monday and Thursday, for 60 issues per year, the Guardian‘s print and online issues connect you directly with 27,500 students and thousands of faculty and staff. Contact us today to discuss your best marketing options. Mailing address 9500 Gilman Drive, 0316 La Jolla, CA 92093-0316 Location Student Center Bldg. A, upper level

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