Dining Halls: Our Take

1. 64 North*

Brittney Lu, Lifestyle Editor  If you’re looking for something more satiable than Pines’ orange chicken, and have had enough of the Bistro’s Tower Roll, 64 North is the obvious next go-to. Do be warned, the prices overcompensate for the fine dining experience, typical SoCal decor (small indoor succulents included) and surprisingly filling portions. With the cheapest selection on the menu being a hydroponic kale rice bowl, it’s tempting to pack up and head to Roots instead, but try the shrimp linguine and deconstructed s’mores pot, and you’ll realize it’s a place worth trying.

2. 64 Degrees

Alvin Chan, Senior Staff Writer  Located in the middle of Revelle College, 64 Degrees is one of the the newest dining halls on campus. One of the biggest draws here is the burger bar, a cut above normal dining hall grills. Although the portions are a bit small, there are a lot of different options to choose from, like turkey patties and five different kinds of cheese. A basic burger costs $4.20 in dining dollars, but fries, shakes and extras can bring your meal into the $8 to $10 range. The deli and noodle bar also exceed expectations for a dining hall and are worth checking out. Though prices are slightly higher than other dining halls, the quality of the food more than makes up for it.

3. Pines

Alvin Chan, Senior Staff Writer  Between Muir College’s residence buildings and McGill Hall, Pines is one of the best dining hall options on campus. The best part about this place is that food actually tastes like something. Although it’s one of the smaller dining halls, Pines offers a large selection of food, from curry and stir-fry made right in front of you to a unique range of pizza options. The dining hall always offers new options for its students to try, and with fresh food put out every day, it doesn’t taste like it’s cooked in bulk.  Don’t be surprised if there are long lines; be sure to get there early. For everyday meals, Pines is the place to go.

4. The Bistro*

Alvin Chan, Senior Staff Writer  If you’re looking for something fancy or a place for a date night on campus that isn’t Burger King, The Bistro is a must go. Although located at the edge of campus in The Village, the restaurant is often crowded with long wait times. Popular for its sushi, the food quality is a step above any of the other dining halls except 64 North. The Bistro’s modern architecture and design is very inviting and makes for a nice place to sit down with your friends. Most students don’t go to The Bistro every day, but it’s a nice option once in a while in spite of the prices. If you want to use some dining dollars on a nice place, then call and make a reservation soon.

5. Foodworx

Oliver Kelton, Features Editor  Foodworx is located at the far end of Sixth College, a very long walk for most students at UCSD. In fact, for those who don’t live nearby, it can be easy to not even realize it exists. Nevertheless, this hidden gem is definitely worth an occasional visit. This dining hall is best known for its pizzas, which come in both premade slices and made-to-order personal-sized pizzas with custom toppings, all for under $7.50. Newer additions include a salad bar and a deli, giving this eatery a broader appeal. Foodworx strikes a unique balance in both offering excellent service and affordable prices.

6. Canyon Vista

Oliver Kelton, Features Editor  Canyon Vista once had a reputation for being one of the worst dining halls on campus — those days are long gone. A year ago, the bland, run-of-the-mill eatery was given a new life with a unique Mediterranean theme. Granted, the Mediterranean food isn’t entirely authentic, but it is much better than the typical fried food served up by the likes of Cafe V. Enjoy a pita sandwich packed with fresh veggies and feta cheese or choose a healthier option with a Tabbouleh salad. Of all the dining halls on campus, this is the closest to Geisel Library and Price Center, making it a convenient spot for any student stuck in the middle of campus for lunch.

7. Cafe Ventanas

Alvin Chan, Senior Staff Writer  Serving Eleanor Roosevelt College, Cafe Ventanas is the closest dining hall for students after working out in RIMAC or a class in the Rady School of Management. The location offers typical dining hall food like pizzas, pastas, salads and soups, but this year it has new food items such as the salmon bowl and tri-tip. Following ERC’s vision of global citizenship, Cafe V hosts several events during times such as Chinese New Year and Mardi Gras, priding itself in the celebration of different cultures. Cafe V is not a recommendation you will hear a lot from students. However, the workers there are some of the nicest and hardest working people, and they are the reason Cafe V is worth going to. [icon name=”stop” class=”” unprefixed_class=””]

*upscale dining option