Student Regents Visit Council

They informed council that the UC system is facing a $2.5 billion deficit by the 2014-2015 academic year. Most of this debt, they reported, is from legitimate budget problems like enrollment growth costs, compensation, and post-employee benefits.

However, they only have a prospected $1 billion in solutions. The UC system needs to find a way to raise the additional $1.5 billion.

One potential solution is to raise funds from corporations.

“I oppose Chevron donating to a chemistry program to fund research they want done, or tobacco companies funding public health programs,” Stien said, “but now I support unrestricted funding because every $100,000 we gain from fundraising is $100,000 that does not need to be covered by students.”

Vice President of Finance and Resources Kevin Hoang was concerned about maintaining the quality of students in the UC system with the increase in recruitment from out-of-state students.

“Honestly, they’re pretty bomb,” Stein said. “They are usually [more qualified] than in-sate students. Sometimes, not by much, but usually [more qualified].”

Their presentation ended in a group photo including everyone in A.S. Council, the Student Regents, and anyone in the audience. While they invited me to join in and I was tempted to have my moment of being a permanent memory in an A.S. photo, I respectfully declined the offer.

Associate Vice President of Student Advocacy Bryce Farrington reported that the Conduct Code Committee has addressed the jurisdiction concerns brought forth by council.

The code will be changed and clarified so that you cannot be charged for an off-campus offence if a non-campus person does not file a report and that a method will be available for students to appeal whether the campus can take

“Your concerns were the primary concerns they addressed,” Farrington said, beaming with pride at the input Council has given in previous meetings.

Hoang then handed out slips for a lovely council-bonding activity: Council Lunch Buddies!

“I’m making the initial pairing for you, but it’s up to you to call them up,” he encouraged. So little faith, Hoang. You should know how enthusiastic everyone is about council bonding.

Muir Senator Elizabeth Garcia reported an upsetting, new federal law regarding financial aid.

“If you fall below a 2.0 [GPA] or do not complete 36 units a year, you will lose your financial aid automatically,” she said.

She also said that you will still have the opportunity to appeal, but that is a two to three week process and you will be
required to pay tuition out-of-pocket if fees are due.

Vice President of Student Life Meredith Madnick filled in for Council Speaker Ryan O’Rear. As such, she asked herself who Council Member of the Week was.

She responded that she would announce it. She proudly bestowed the blue, glittery sash upon Roosevelt College Senator Jackie Calvin.

While the announcement resulted in an uproar of applause and a repeat of Maroon 5’s “Moves like Jagger,” I did manage to hear Madnick say that Calvin is “sporting this year’s hottest trend: Council spirit!”

The meeting was then closed to discuss the impeachment of Marshall Senator Summer Perez. After an hour and a half of deliberation and a vote of 17-9-1, the motion was declined. In the case of an impeachment, a two-thirds vote is required.

While the atmosphere was dark and tense in the room after the vote, Council remained optimistic and reminded each other that what is most important is to support each other, no matter what people voted, making this issue yet another obstacle for this loving family to face together.

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