Shortest Meeting of the Year Yields Rapping, Hairstyle Votes

Last night’s 40-minute meeting may have broken a record for the shortest meeting of the year, as special presentations and resolutions were postponed to next week’s meeting and prompted councilmembers to shoot the breeze.

Tritons For Israel President Lior Abramson and Social Relations Chair Jessica Baltmanas invited councilmembers to a banquet called “Rethinking Israel/Palestine: Building Bridges at Home and Abroad” on April 28 at 7 p.m. in Great Hall. There will be a campus dialogue as well as speakers and a conference call with youth leaders from Israel and Palestine.

Associate Vice President of Student Advocacy Arohi Sharma announced that the product for the Sun God “Know Your Rights” campaign was ordered. It was an orange cup that changes colors to red. It should be a more effective marketing tool than the “If it burns when you pee, it’s probably an STD” shirt from last year’s campaign.

Campuswide Senator Elizabeth Elman encouraged councilmembers to stop using Styrofoam on campus.

President Wafa Ben Hassine said the Library Forum went well, noting that 50 to 60 students showed up. (As an attendee, I beg to differ. It was more like 30 attendees — maybe 40 at most.)

Associate Vice President of Student Organizations Carli Thomas requested that Sharma rap. Sharma then hesitantly proceeded to perform a one-minute rap song full of vulgarities.

Arts and Humanities Senator Shunya Wade brought a big red bouncy ball to council and asked people to play with it. “Bounce it around and be friends,” she said.

Sixth College Senator Parminder Sandhu announced that the Relay for Life event on April 16 raised over $53,000 for the American Cancer Society.

One of the most exciting events of the evening was a vote on what color Associate Vice President of Local Affairs Matthew Vu’s new hairstyle will be. The options were rainbow sherbet, dead flamingo, Lady Gaga or Rufio — votes were evenly split, so Vu did not finalize his choice. Vu said his current hairstyle is a mistake because he accidentally bleached part of his hair pink.

Warren College President and A.S. President-elect Alyssa Wing said the Divestment Community Dialogue event on April 18 went well. The event was meant to facilitate discussion over the proposed resolution suggesting the UC system no longer support companies invested in Israel.

All seats were filled, even though the event was organized at the last minute and took place on the first night of the Jewish holiday of Passover.

Social Sciences Senator Rena Zuabi urged councilmembers to talk to her about any issues they have with the divestment resolution ahead of next week’s meeting, in the interest of saving time.

The meeting ended after Associate Vice President of Concerts and Events Brian Wong dropped a hint that there may be a laser field at the Sun God Festival. Still no word on the last of the main stage acts, though.