Recycling Must Become a Campus Priority

Dear Editor,

I’ve been working at the Shiley Eye Center since June 2008. When I started, I was appalled to learn that there is no recycling program here. I did everything I could to try to have one set up: I contacted UCSD’s sustainability group, facilities and the person in charge of Shiley. They all met to discuss how to start a recycling program, but nothing ever came of it. You wouldn’t believe how much paper is just thrown away here every day; it’s truly unbelievable. I get so frustrated when I hear UCSD saying how green it is when the east side of campus is so wasteful. Last time I looked into it, I couldn’t find out whether or not Thornton Hospital or Moores Cancer Center has a recycling program. I’m writing you this in hopes that raising awareness of this problem can somehow help things get done here.

—Lindsey J. Pearson

Staff Research Associate,

UCSD Shiley Eye Center