A Glance at the Past

“”I go to school, I study and I sleep. This repetitious loop races on every day of my life. I say to myself that tomorrow is going to be a new day. Is it ever? Not since I’ve been at UCSD.””

David Pilz

— Charlie Tran

“”Students Are So Busy Getting Good Grades, They Forget to Learn”” Feb. 5, 2001

Leo Der Stepanians

“”I don’t think the number [of sex crimes] we report are an accurate picture of the situation on campus.””

— Sergeant Robert Jones

“”Study Finds UC Crime Reports False”” Oct. 9, 2000

“”The Giants’ defense will be all over [Jamal Lewis] like Bill Clinton on an intern.””

— Robert Fulton

“”Super Bowl is All About the ‘D'”” Jan. 25, 2001

“”I think I’m getting carpal tunnel in my hands from jerking so many guys off.””

— Sasha

“”Price of Flesh”” May 31, 2001

“”I don’t see our whole city jumping up and down to send money to the earthquake victims in El Salvador. I didn’t even hear about it on the radio, but I have heard three different DJs whining about the Escondido animals.””

— Shannon Castle

“”Fire Brings Out the Best and Worst in San Diego Citizens”” Jan. 25, 2001

“”After years of making painful discoveries, I’ve come to the conclusion that girls are bitches.””

— Caroline Song

“”Why Female Friends Suck”” April 23, 2001

“”If the UCSD admissions is planning to take on an excess of students into the university, then it should also provide them with a place to live on campus for a minimum of two years. It is the responsibility of admissions and housing to collaborate and guarantee housing to students for their freshman and sophomore years.””

— Parnaz Taheri

“”Administration’s Failure to Guarantee Housing Worries Apartment Hunter”” Jan. 18, 2001

“”It seems that people who ride trains and sleep in hostels are of a different class than those who rush through airports and check into Hiltons. They are often working-class people, and I think that is what makes them interesting. They are not uppity or snobbish. I may travel by myself, but with this crowd, I will never be alone.””

— Vincent Gragnani

“”Dolly in the Snack Car, Okie J.R. Are Memories of Traveling on Amtrak”” April 30, 2001

“”Bush’s new ban is an underhanded, sneaky way of chipping away at Roe’s demand for federal protection of the right to choose.””

— Alison Norris

“”Bush Chips Away at Abortion Rights”” Jan. 25, 2001

“”Honestly, I wasn’t expecting all 22 of our slate members to win. That is kind of unheard of, but I think it just shows that we are a good group of people and that we are going to do good things for A.S.””

— Jeff Dodge

“”Dodge Next A.S. President”” April 16, 2001

“”There were times this year we didn’t look like Division II players, but then we were able to gut it out and capture some wins.””

— Judy Malone

“”Basketball Meets the End of the Road”” March 5, 2001

“”It is hard to convince others that this solitude is something to be desired. People are a slave to the notion that being alone equals being a loser.””

— Jennifer Sposito

“”Mere Suggestion of Voluntary, Solitary Confinement Is Unthinkable to Many, but Shouldn’t Be”” Oct. 16, 2000

“”However, no amount of smileys will convey the subtle nuances of a mere phone call, and there are many times I goad myself about not picking up the handset next to my computer and giving my best friend in Davis, Calif., a ring.””

— Cassandra Pierce

“”Human Touch Is Still Needed in This World”” May 14, 2001

“”It is up to the rest of us to lend a helping hand to these poor souls in need. It may not be easy, but Geisel Library wasn’t built in a day, and a beer here, or a shot there will only help to spur them on their way to a more balanced sanity.””

— Scott Burroughs

“”Shuffling Through the Experience”” March 8, 2001

“”All these Guardian editors who are graduating may just sound like names to you, but you really do know them. You know them by seeing the sections they produce week-in and week-out. You know them by the articles they write. You know them by the photos they shoot.””

— Jeffrey White

“”Incoming Editor in Chief Promises Continued Excellence for the Paper,”” June 4, 2001

“”Graduating. I never thought I would be saying — well, typing — that word in this regard. Not to sound macho or anything, but there are few things that freak me out; truthfully, this is one of the few things that does.””

— Tom Vu

“”Approaching Graduation Causes Long Hours of Contemplation on Years Past”” March 12, 2001

“”Maybe you have noticed those really ugly bumps all over the ledges and benches at Revelle. No, that wasn’t done to make the school look better, obviously; it was done to prevent skateboarders from sliding anywhere.””

— Dave Pilz

“”An Editor Conveys his Frustration with the Continued Mistreatment of Skateboarders”” Oct. 9, 2000

“”Review the names and faces of the joyful souls, the fast and firm friends, and the blessings in human guise that make your life worth living.””

— Jacob Wasserman

“”Just Exactly How Sweet Is It to Be Loved by You?”” Jan. 18, 2001

“”To be fair, Americans are not inherently stupid; they’re only ignorant when it comes to matters that don’t pertain to their known universe — meaning the 50 states.””

— Caroline Song

“”Students Need to Broaden Horizons”” April 2, 2001

“”Frankly, I find it pathetic that San Diegans will respond to something out of the ordinary, like a huge fire and a bunch of homeless dogs and cats, but fail to show any of that generosity and compassion on a regular basis.””

— Shannon Castle

“”Fire Brings Out the Best and Worst in San Diego Citizens”” Jan. 25, 2001

“”My motivation was to beat Doc.””

Chancellor Robert C. Dynes

“”Chancellor’s 5K Challenge Raises Funds for Scholarships”” Oct. 30, 2000

“”David: Anything you won’t do for money? Sasha: Blow jobs. Because I have to do them without rubbers. I like the taste of skin. And I can’t do it to everybody, because they have to first meet a certain size criteria. Second, they have to be rock-hard — otherwise it feels like a big pile of flesh in your mouth. Bleh.””

— Sasha

“”Price of Flesh”” May 31, 2001

“”People need to get active and talk to their politicians and tell them how strongly they feel about this issue. Not many people realize quite how effective this really is.””

— Kris Krane

“”NORML: Keeping Stoners Out of Prison Since 1970″” April 19, 2001

“”I just hope [the XFL] isn’t too stupid.””

— Robert Fulton

“”XFL Offers More Than Just Football”” Jan. 29, 2001

“”Music, art and writing allow people to express themselves outside of the confines of an office. The arts allow people to express feelings about themselves and to comment on society in a vibrant way. I believe that the arts create a well-rounded person, not a selfish, career-oriented person who will step on anyone to reach the top.””

— Joseph Lee

“”The National Endowment for the Arts Is a Worthwhile Program That Should Be Supported”” Oct. 30, 2000

“”I feel that these years have been good to me. I can only hope that the next two years here will be as good as the first. One can only hope.””

— Josh Crouse

“”This Year Has Had Many Enriching Experiences That Will Last a Lifetime”” May 21, 2001

“”I tried Grape Nuts once because the people eating Grape Nuts on the commercials seemed to be having a good time, and then I discovered that Grape Nuts has no grape flavor and contains no nuts. I seriously should consult my lawyer about that.””

— Bertrand Fan

“”Ceres Would Not Be Happy”” Feb. 26, 2001

“”Yet, amid a sea of legitimately sick students, I felt mortified walking up to the receptionist and telling her that my butt had suffered second-degree burns.””

— Divya Runchal

“”Wanna-be Detective Fails Miserably”” March 1, 2001

“”Not only would more students bring increased diversity, but the university would have to make a number of administrative changes in order to deal with the influx of students. Some of these changes would include bigger academic departments, more professors, different classes offered and current classes offered more times a year … with more students added and subsequently more colleges, school spirit will increase.””

— Valerie Burns

“”Filling to the Brim”” Jan. 29, 2001

“”Oh my God, this is just wrong.””

— David Lee

“”Co-op Refuses to Sell Cigarettes in Smokeout Day”” Nov. 30, 2000

“”I decided to go to The Ataris’ release party by myself because I’m afraid of calling girls.””

— Michael Kaminsky

“”The Ataris Shake up the Epicentre”” March 1, 2001

“”Arizona will beat Duke in the final.””

— Robert Fulton

“”Get Ready For Some Madness”” March 15, 2001

“”Isn’t it funny how you can instantly turn an activity into something amusing by doing it naked, much the same way you can make fortune cookie fortunes funny by adding the words ‘in bed’ to the end of them?””

— Bertrand Fan

“”Nudity Proves to Be Fiscally Fit”” Sept. 25, 2000

“”Who really has the time to write a two-page, single-spaced letter when she could be shaving her armpits instead?””

— Divya Runchal

“”Fan Mail Makes for an Interesting Read”” Nov. 16, 2000

“”There are four simple reasons Vancouver remains one of the most underscored vacation sites in the world: 1. Canadians don’t like to brag about anything but their health care system. 2. The Canadian exchange rate makes an American feel rich. 3. Deceptively, it takes only two days of straight driving or three days at a more leisurely pace to get there from San Diego. 4. The locals are more friendly than your next-door neighbor, and that unnerves the average American.””

— David Lee

“”Vancouver Rising”” March 1, 2001

“”I have McDonald’s before every game.””

— Maya Fok

“”In Two Directions”” Jan. 8, 2001

“”Passive acceptance is no longer sufficient. It’s our responsibility to actively challenge our preconceptions and prejudices, however latent, and become a community.””

— Thomas Bogardus

“”LGBTA Hosts ‘Out’ Rally”” May 10, 2001

“”When Clinton belts out an intention, whether it is ‘I’m going to run for Senate,’ or ‘I’m going out for a run,’ she leaves the president, fellow Democrats and opposing Republicans alike shivering in their Bruno Magli loafers, nervous to their wits’ ends in anticipation of the explosion of ideas that usually result from her actions.””

– Mary-Onelia Estudillo

“”The Many Faces of Hilary Clinton”” Jan. 16, 2001

“”Nothing ruins my night quicker than four shots of vodka poured in my lap … especially when accompanied by a fast food teriyaki burger, a large shake and whatever else you downed before coming to my party and puking it back up.””

— Jacob Wasserman

“”An Expert’s Guide to Safe and Happy Drinking”” Feb. 15, 2001

“”With its distinct odor, marijuana smells less like burning tar and more like a hot night in Texas after good ol’ George W. Bush redirects half the state’s electric current to Old Sparky.””

— Ryan Darby

“”Cigarettes’ Clouds of Smoke Prove to Be Too Aggravating”” Nov. 20, 2000

“”The issues of reforming education, healthcare and social security … can only be solved when a spirit of political unity is formed. A spirit of bipartisanship that transcends party lines must be created.””

— Parisa Baharian

“”A Year of Political Unity”” Jan. 18, 2001

“”Before the Internet, when people actually sent letters to each other through the mail, I doubt they drew little emoticons after every sentence. They actually took some time to make sure their letters were worth reading.””

— Jeffrey White

“”E-mails Are Leading to the Degradation of Language Skills Among People in Modern Society”” Nov. 20, 2000

“”I would like to propose a mild brain teaser for all the semi-awake, loyal readers out there who are waiting with bated breath to flip to the personals section of this newspaper. Our nation, which has tried time and time again to legislate human morality, is amoral. Believe it: Sex, drugs and violence are still the ‘American Way.'””

— Alison Norris

“”Political Zipper Problem Proves Far Better Than the Alternative”” Jan. 22, 2001

“”At UCSD, being a liberal arts major is equivalent to being a second-class citizen. The academics at UCSD are weighted toward the sciences, which causes the whole university to sponsor the sciences more than the liberal arts. Countless programs, scholarships and jobs are offered only to science majors.””

— Valerie Burns

“”The Perils of Being a Liberal Arts Major”” May 10, 2001

“”At best, this conduct on the part of the university reflects a striking level of incompetence for a world-class institution of higher education. At worst, the university has blatantly defied an order from a federal court.””

— Jordan Budd, ACLU attorney handling Ben Shapiro’s case

“”UCSD Bows to ACLU Lawsuit”” Nov. 30, 2000

“”I didn’t really have expectations … I just wanted to go out and have fun.””

— Jennifer Watanabe, after capturing three national titles and setting three school records

April 5, 2001

“”The summer started out on an extremely positive note. I came home to a girl and a solid week of partying. Drinking through hangovers became a common practice for me. It was like a week of Sun God. You upperclassmen know what I’m talking about. You freshmen had better ask somebody.””

— Josh Crouse

“”A Humble Offering of Advice From the New Features Editor”” Sept. 19, 2000

“”I didn’t know that he wouldn’t approve it, and I take offense to people suggesting that I did. Why would I waste my time initiating something like this if I thought it wouldn’t even reach the chancellor’s desk?””

— Eugene Mahmoud, talking about the USSA fee referendum that UCSD students voted for but Watson refused to sign.

“”Watson Refuses to Sign USSA Legislation”” April 23, 2001

“”Ever since he committed his heinous crime, McVeigh’s existence has been a stain on the fabric of American society. Goodbye and good riddance. The sooner he starts burning in hell, the better.””

— Tom Vu

“”Revisiting Old Wounds: The Tragedy of the Oklahoma City Bombing”” April 19, 2001

“”Health care should not be a privilege only certain men and women can have. Rather, our president should realize that it is a necessity to make America the great country that it is. His actions should be to foster programs to help the poor, and not to cut their legs out from under them.””

— Vishal Patel

“”Stealing Health From the Poor”” April 12, 2001

“”While I agree with the notion that students should be judged by their own merits, I also recognize that we do not live in a perfect world — that is, judging students on an even playing field, the fact of the matter is that everyone is not on an even playing field. To assume that would be a naive and misguided attempt to ignore all the inequality that exists in our society today. This is where the case against affirmative action is weakest.””

— Alex J. Lee

“”For Better or Worse: Breaking Down the Barriers”” Jan. 8, 2001

“”As if tuition and room and board were not bad enough, the cost of books has given us added financial pressure that we really do not need. It is sad that we have to pay so much and be cheated from an institution that we greatly depend on for a higher education.””

– Parnaz Taheri

“”High Cost of Books Hits Wallets Hard”” April 12, 2001

“”There is so much more to education than books and exams. There are events around the world and right in our face that crave attention, and activism waiting to be embraced by those students who can easily shed their apathy for something more.””

— Angela Carrier

“”Music Brings Us All Together”” May 10, 2001

“”This bill is clearly a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It is anti-abortion legislation hidden in the thin disguise of anti-crime measures.””

— Mary-Onelia Estudillo

“”Protecting Whose Rights?”” May 14, 2001

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