— In the April 30 article “”Fee Referendum Fails””it was stated that the A.S. Council sponsored the 12 voting booths stationed around campus. The administration actually sponsored these booths and no A.S. money was used. The Guardian regrets the error.

— The April 30 article “”Petition Filed Against Elections Manager”” should read that the old A.S. Council will decide on Vasquez’s submitted legislation on Wednesday instead of the new council making the decision. In addition, not all of the new A.S. Council members are members of the Unity slate as stated in the article.

— In the April 23 article “”Daylong Holocaust Vigil Sponsored by UJS, Hillel,”” it was stated that the Holocaust name reading was a part of Israeli Independence Day. Although the name reading was a part of Jewish Awareness Month, it did not correspond to the Israeli Independence Day.